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GoGreen Plus: 
Actively avoid CO2 emissions with the help of a sustainable letter mail service and set an example for climate protection.

Yellow is Green – climate-friendly letter mail is the way of the future

We are the first postal services provider in Germany to integrate "carbon insetting" into our green portfolio, with a service we call GoGreen Plus. Carbon insetting is the process by which emissions are avoided within the Deutsche Post network. How do we do it? One way is to use low-carbon vehicles powered by biogas or electricity for transport and delivery.

GoGreen Plus is the next level in climate-friendly letter mail services. For the first time, you can avoid CO2 emissions when you send hybrid mail in Germany. When you use the service, you not only help move the world closer toward net zero, you do it along the clearly defined pathways of the Science Based Targets initiative.1)

Avoid CO2 emissions with hybrid mail

When you use our E-POST products and PrintPLUS, your domestic and international letters are more than just hybrid: they're climate-friendly thanks to our new GoGreen Plus service. It's automatic and free of charge! You also benefit from the GoGreen Plus logo that we add to your letters. It's a clear and visible sign of your commitment to climate protection. In the year following dispatch of your items, you will receive a personalized certificate2) indicating the total amount of avoided emissions. When you use the E-POST hybrid mail service, you send letters right from your PC. You send us digital copies of your letters, and we hybridize them, i.e., we print out physical copies and then envelope and deliver them for you.

Benefit from efficient and affordable E-POST products

Our GoGreen Plus service is an integrated part of our service commitment for all E-POST entry products and PrintPLUS.

  • No supplementary agreement: When you use your access product, GoGreen Plus is automatically included in our service commitment.
  • No surcharge: You send us digital copies of your letters and we print, envelope and deliver them for you. GoGreen Plus is included at no extra charge.
  • Simple, affordable and quickly ready for dispatch thanks to standardized software
  • Easy dispatch of domestic and international letter mail and other letter mail services (such as registered mail or PremiumAdress)
  • Cost-effective, all-inclusive price per letter without monthly fees
  • Hardware-based solution for saving on postage costs and simplifying the mailing process
  • Extensive standardized functionalities for domestic and international letter mail (such as registered mail or PremiumAdress)
  • Affordable all-inclusive prices per letter and monthly basic fee
  • Personalized and powerful online solution for automating the dispatch of your letter mail
  • Process cost savings thanks to seamless process integration that improves efficiency
  • Affordable all-inclusive prices per letter and monthly basic fee
  • Web service interface for seamless integration of hybrid mail delivery into individual software solutions
  • Added value for your own software thanks to mail dispatch function integrated directly into your own application
  • Affordable all-inclusive prices per letter for senders and monthly basic fee for software providers
  • Tailored solutions for customers with high mail volumes or complex requirements
  • Comprehensive services and competent full service from a single source
  • A range of posting options and extraordinary flexibility along the entire process chain for savings on production and dispatch costs


GoGreen Plus is based on carbon insetting. Insetting is the practice of avoiding carbon emissions by investing in additional reduction measures in our own logistics network. Carbon is reduced on a 1:1 basis. In other words, the amount of carbon avoided is equal to the amount generated previously for the transport and delivery of an individual letter. As a result, mail items sent using GoGreen Plus are completely carbon neutral.

Standard GoGreen is based on offsetting. In this case the emissions generated during transport and delivery are offset through investments in certified climate protection projects around the world. As of January 1, 2022, all letter mail, international advertising mail and press products are automatically offset.

As of July 1, 2022, all mail items that are dispatched as an E-POST access product or using PrintPLUS are automatically hybrid letters with GoGreen Plus. This applies to all domestic and international items (except for Dialogpost items). The dispatch process does not change. There is no surcharge. No contract has to be signed. You will receive a personal certificate each year (depending on the annual item volumes). And you can use the GoGreen Plus logo on your customer media channels.

When you use hybrid mail with GoGreen Plus, you make an active contribution to climate protection and can display your commitment to sustainability in your public relations activities. Each hybrid letter sports a GoGreen Plus logo that you can use, for example, in your customer media. In addition, customers who dispatch 500 hybrid letters or more per year will receive a personalized certificate stating the amount of carbon dioxide they avoided in our logistics network.

When you use the E-POST hybrid mail service, you send letters right from your PC. You send us digital copies of your letters, and we hybridize them, i.e., we print out physical copies and then envelope and deliver them for you.

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1) Science-Based-Targets (SBTs) are reduction goals for greenhouse gas emissions that are scientifically calculated and help ensure that the increase in the average global temperature is kept well below 2°C. DHL Group is one of the companies that has committed to the Science-Based-Target Initiative, and we are planning to have our reduction target validated as science-based in the near future. For more information see:

2) Minimum quantity to receive the certificate is 500 hybrid letters per calendar year.