Supplement DIALOGPOST with attractive services.

Basic service

You can reach your customers simply and selectively with DIALOGPOST. And at a very reasonable price.

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Do you want to make your DIALOGPOST campaigns even more attractive? Benefit from our extra options.

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Special services

DIALOGPOST can be tailored specifically to your individual requirements on request.

Basic service – effective and right on the mark

With Dialogpost, you can send items that really reach your customers. Only promotional content is allowed.

You can find details of prices, minimum volumes, and discounts here.

What you can send with DIALOGPOST

  • Offers that aim to motivate customers to purchase products and services; free samples and promotional items may be included; sachets can also be enclosed, please refer to the additional information listed under item 7 of our service brochure.
  • Brand advertising, political campaign material
  • Invitations to take part in events (e.g. open days, city festivals, exhibitions, sales presentations)
  • Opportunities to win prizes
  • Notifications associated with bonus programs in connection with offers
  • Customer magazines
  • Calls for donations
  • Messages of congratulations
  • Customer cards (no replacement cards)

What you cannot send with DIALOGPOST:

  • Goods for sale
  • Payment requests (e.g., invoices, payment reminders, etc.)
  • Items with non-promotional content

Options for greater flexibility and better planning capability

Small print runs

You can also use DIALOGPOST to send offers to a small group of customers cost-effectively. The EASY option lowers the minimum volume to 500 advertising shipments throughout Germany. This could be an easy way to test advertising material with selected existing customers before upscaling. This is all possible with EASY.

Plan mailings effectively

No more duplicates, correct addresses at all times, exact form of address, lowest postage possible, and much more. The DIALOGPOST MANAGER helps you perfect the planning and implementation of your mailing campaigns. You can choose the software modules to meet your own requirements.

DIALOGPOST: You can order your mailings online, including high-quality printing.

All-round service: It is now easy to go online and order high-quality printing and reliable delivery direct to mailboxes.

Create print mailing

Submitting your own items? Create Dialogpost posting lists online

Intelligent special services you can combine and profit from

More success for your dialogue marketing!

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