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DIALOGPOST – volumes, formats, and charges

Important and useful information – compiled clearly for you. All information on the conditions and more details regarding DIALOGPOST are available in the product brochure.

Formats & Prices

Easy to calculate

With its two formats and seven price categories, DIALOGPOST is so easy to calculate.

Formats Prices per item 1) Weight 2) Dimensions


0,28 €    


0,32 €
0,37 €
up to 20 g
21 - 50 g
L: 150 - 235 mm
B: 90 - 125 mm
H: up to 5 mm

Rectangular only


0,45 €
0,58 €
0,72 €
0,79 €
0,92 €
up to 50 g
51 - 100 g
101 - 250 g
251 - 500 g
501 - 1.000 g
L: 140 - 353 mm
B: 90 - 250 mm
H: up to 30 mm

square shape possible 4)
1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.
2) Weights should be rounded up to whole grams.
3) The length must be at least 1.4 times the width. DIALOGPOST items measuring
148 mm in length are also permissible.
4) If the sum of the sides is greater than 140 mm.


Note that surcharges are not included in the item franking. Payment is made at the time of posting.

  Surcharge per shipment 1)


+ 0,15 € Small volumes from 500 to 4,999 shipments; promotional content only.

1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.

Suitability for automatic processing

To process your advertising mailings, Deutsche Post uses sorting systems that are able to sort shipments fully automatically. So that DIALOGPOST shipments are suitable for machine processing, both basic formats, Standard and Groß \[Large], must be fully suitable for automatic processing.

DIALOGPOST items that differ from the shapes and dimensions of the specified basic formats, as well as items that do not have straight outer edges, may be posted as creative special formats.
This incurs a surcharge for non-machinability.

If items cannot be automatically processed and lead to disruption during machine processing, the surcharge incurred can be imposed within four weeks of the day of posting for the entire posting volume of the order.

If they are not fully suitable for automatic processing, the following surcharge will apply per shipment:

  Surcharge per item
Unsuitable for automatic processing 1) + 0,05 €


1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.

Minimum volumes and sorting

Overview of minimum volumes

Volume Region
5.000 DIALOGPOST items Throughout Germany
200 DIALOGPOST items For the same routing region (first two digits of the postal code are identical)
500 DIALOGPOST EASY items Throughout Germany (with low-volume surcharge), promotional content only
Piktogramm Business

Optimize postage costs

If you do not reach the relevant minimum volumes, you can pay the difference. This is based on the net shipment charge (charge for the individual items).

If there are variations, the surcharge is based on the shipment with the lowest weight.


Please note that items must always be sorted in ascending/descending order by postcode.


Introduction of a pickup fee for postings from 5 metric tons/pickup order*
(from March 1, 2022)
€ 5.00/pallet

*also applies to DIALOGPOST heavy


Overview of discounts on charges

Bundle and tray preparation 

Basic format Preparation Filling level
Standard Routing region trays At least half filled
Large Routing region trays* or postal code trays At least half filled
Routing region bundles* or postal code bundles At least five items

Pallet preparation** 

  • Sorting by routing zones or routing regions
  • Pallets must not exceed a maximum height of 1.80 m or five collars (height approx. 1.20 m) 
Basic format Minimum net weight or pallet height
Standard** 100 kg minimum net weight
In card form: DIALOGPOST card Standard: 50 kg minimum net weight
Large 200 kg minimum net weight or pallet height at least 1.60 m including pallet and using the base surface area of a Euro pallet; Card form: 100 kg minimum net weight

Pre-sorting: Discounts on basic charges

Requirement: Minimum posting volume 5,000 items

Preparation Pre-sorting Basic format Discount
Bundle and tray preparation Routing region Standard 5 %
Large 4 %
Postal code*** Large 5 %
Pallet preparation Routing zone Standard or Large 2 %
Routing region 5 %

* DIALOGPOST without wrapping must only be posted pre-sorted into postal code and routing region bundles/routing region trays. Discounts are not granted for routing region bundles/routing region trays.
** Please note that the machine program must also be indicated when bundling (bundles/trays/pallets) for the Large basic format.
*** Pre-sorting for a discount on postal code trays/bundles is only possible for items in the Large basic format.


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