DIALOGPOST – Questions and answers

This page contains detailed information about DIALOGPOST.


DIALOGPOST has two basic formats (Standard and Large). From January 1, 2020 there is also the DIALOGPOST card in Standard format.

By format and weight levels. There are two weight levels in Standard format, and five weight levels in Large format.

If you use the DIALOGPOST MANAGER software, the lowest price is always calculated automatically.

Effective January 1, 2020, the conditions for the content of DIALOGPOST items will change:
From that date, only advertising may be sent with DIALOGPOST. Non-advertising items whose main purpose is to provide general or personal information can only be sent as letter mail.


5,000 shipments are required on a national basis. In this case the basic charge is calculated (e.g., 0,30 € for 20 g). 200 shipments are required per routing region.

You can use the EASY small volume service to send quantities of between 500 and 4,999 items. Only promotional content is allowed. There is a surcharge of 0,15 € on the basic charge.

Yes, if you do not reach the relevant minimum volume, you can make additional payments to cover the difference. Additional payments to cover the difference up to 200 items (per routing region) or 4,000 items (nationwide).


0,28 €/item for a DIALOGPOST card, 0,30 €/item for a Standard item up to 20 g and €0,35 € for weights between 21 and 50 g. The final prices do not include VAT.


When bundles or trays are sorted by routing region or postal codes and/or pallets are prepared by routing zones or routing regions. However, the discount for bundle and tray preparation to postal codes is only available for Large items.

Posting Bundle/tray preparation,
routing region
Bundle/tray preparation,
postal code*
Pallet preparation,
routing zone
Pallet preparation,
routing region
From 4.000 5 % 6 % 2 % 5 %

*The pre-sorting discount for bundles/trays per postal code (6%) is only available for Large items.


DIALOGPOST is available in the basic formats Standard (including the card) and Large.

Dimensions: Length 150 to 235 mm, width 90 to 125 mm and thickness up to 5 mm
Weight: up to 50 g
Shape: rectangular (mandatory)

Dimensions: Length 140 to 353 mm, width 90 to 250 mm and thickness up to 30 mm
Weight:  up to 1.000 g
Shape: rectangular (square is possible**)

*For DIALOGPOST items in the Standard basic format (including the DIALOGPOST card) the length must be at least 1.4 times the width. DIALOGPOST items measuring 148 mm in length (A6 format) are also allowed. This does not apply to creative special formats.
** Square items are possible if the sides are at least 140mm long.


Advance notice is required from 50,000 items.

From 50,000 items:

Advance notice is required seven days prior to collection/posting via the electronic order management system (AM.exchange data format). The following information must be provided:

  • Date of posting/collection (tolerance +/−1 day)
  • Place of posting/collection
  • Volume of items (tolerance +/−5%)
  • Basic product
  • Item weight
  • Payer

Full notification of the order is required in the electronic order management system no later than 48 hours before posting.


Items may be posted from Monday to Friday – please note the last posting times at the bulk mail acceptance offices and local opening times. If posting takes place after the last posting time, the transaction date is the next possible posting day.

You can take your items to any bulk mail acceptance office. There is a volume limit at the retail outlets. A maximum of 5,000 shipments can be posted there.

Yes, but a posting list with a data matrix code is better. That means creating the posting list (www.einlieferungslisten.de)

Or using DIALOGPOST MANAGER. Software offering the full DIALOGPOST service.

Items are generally delivered by Deutsche Post no later than four working days from the date of posting, from Tuesdays to Saturdays. This is a quality target and not a transit time commitment.

DIALOGPOST: You can order your mailings online, including high-quality printing.

All-round service: It is now easy to go online and order high-quality printing and reliable delivery direct to mailboxes.

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