FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Do you have general questions about the Renten Service website? Here you can read frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Your question might be among them.

Can I send my life certificate by fax or e-mail?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. We can recognize only original life certificates.

Why do I receive my life certificate just shortly before the return date?

Life certificates are always mailed together with the pension adjustment notice. However, we must wait until the Deutscher Bundestag has approved the adjustment before we can start mailing pension adjustment notices.

What can I do when I don’t receive a life certificate on time?

You can download and print out an “alternate life certificate” from our website. Once you have completed this form, please send the original to us by mail. Unfortunately, we cannot recognize forms that are sent to us by fax or in copy form.

What happens if Renten Service receives my life certificate after the specified date?

If, in an exceptional case, we do not receive life certificate by the specified date, you will receive a reminder from us in early September, listing a final deadline. When you meet this deadline, your pension will be disbursed as usual. Should you not meet this deadline, the transfer of your pension will be suspended until we have received your life certificate.

I did not receive a life certificate this year. What should I do?

As a rule, your life certificate is mailed together with your pension adjustment notice. In the event that a life certificate was not attached to your pension adjustment notice, it is not required.

How can I notify Renten Service from abroad of a change in my bank account?

This requires a special form that we will be glad to send to your address. You can request this form from us in writing or by telephone: +49  (0) 221 5692-777. Please send the original of the form to us by regular mail – not by fax or e-mail. In the event that you have an account with a bank in the Federal Republic of Germany, you can use the form available on our website.

Who can I contact when I have questions about my health insurance?

Please contact your health insurance provider directly. If you do not know who your health insurance provider is, please contact the relevant pension insurance fund, for example, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Schwaben or Deutsche Rentenversicherung Rheinland.

Who can I contact when I have tax-related questions regarding my pension?

The following tax office (Finanzamt) is responsible for pensioners living abroad:
Finanzamt Neubrandenburg (RiA)
Postfach 110140
17041 Neubrandenburg
Tel.: +49 395 44222 47000
Fax: +49 395 44222 47100
Internet: www.finanzamt-rente-im-ausland.de
E-mail: ria@finanzamt-neubrandenburg.de

Who can I contact when I have questions about how my pension is calculated?

When you have questions regarding how your pension is calculated, please contact the relevant pension insurance fund, for example, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Schwaben or Deutsche Rentenversicherung Rheinland.

What do I have to do when I have not received a pension payment?

Please notify us in writing, and include your postal pension number. Please also indicate as precisely as possible the month for which your pension was not paid.

How can I notify Pension Service of the death of a pension beneficiary?

Please inform us in writing of the date of death and, if possible, attach a death certificate and include the deceased’s postal pension number.

We will automatically reclaim any overpayments from the deceased’s bank account. For this reason, please do not close the deceased’s account until the overpayment has been settled. When payment has been made by check, payment on any checks for an overpayment will automatically be stopped and the bank drawn upon will be asked to return the check(s).

If you would like to submit an application for survivors’ benefits, please state this in your notification. The relevant insurance provider / fund will send you the forms necessary for applying for a widow’s pension.

I have damaged/lost my pension ID card. What should I do?

If you require a replacement for your pension ID card, please contact the Pension Service in writing, quoting your pension number, which you can find on your last adjustment notification, for example. You can also reach us via the contact form. Please be aware that creating the pension ID will require some time.