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Easy, fast, individual: the new online service will soon be here!

In September 2015, your address management system will become even more convenient.

You can look forward to it.

With the latest user interface and targeted menu prompting, the PREMIUM ADDRESS functions will be introduced as of September 2015 because that’s when we’ll be providing you with the new online service to replace the existing online application. After comprehensive analysis, we have developed this service to meet the specific needs of our customers. So you can look forward to address maintenance that is particularly fast and individual!

User-friendly homepage

Click directly on the most important address maintenance functions, i.e., download the address files and create new PREMIUMADRESS IDs, thereby saving time and effort!

Nutzerfreundliche Startseite

Individual address file

Adapt the data records you wish to download individually to your needs, thereby optimizing further processing.

Select the data format for your address data set and, using the checkboxes, select the relevant folders that should be displayed in the file. The field names can also be renamed if required.

Individuelle Adressdatei

Easy creation of IDs

In just a few steps that you can track in the progress bar, it will be even easier and clearer for you to create new PREMIUM ADDRESS IDs.

ID anlegen

Easy navigation

By clicking on the menu items, practical submenus will open, clearly displaying all the functions. You can carry out all the relevant configurations, for example, for your PREMIUM ADDRESS account, by going to the “Settings” menu item. You can also set access authorizations or change your billing and download settings.

Komfortable Navigation

This might be of more help to you.

Do I have access to my old address files in the new online service?

Address files that have still not been downloaded are also available for download for 3 months in the new online service. Two weeks after their initial download, they are deleted.

What will change for me as a result of the new online service?

With the optimized, updated user guide, you’ll find the normal functions of the online service faster and more intuitive. The option of individualizing your data records also makes it easier for you to continue using them.

Do I still have access to my account and data during migration to the new online service?

No. As a result of the migration, the PREMIUMADRESS application will be unavailable from 9:30 AM on September 19, 2015 until around 2:00 AM on September 21, 2015. Data provision via SFTP will also be limited during this time.

Despite the migration to the new online service, can I continue using the current Internet application?

No, because the old application will be switched off when the new online service is launched. With the optimized user guide, you’ll soon feel at ease with the new online service and appreciate the convenience. In the event that you still have any practical queries, we will provide you with a few helpful tools at the time of migration to the online service.

Can I continue to use my current access data?

Both the user name and the currently valid password will remain unchanged.

I receive my address information via SFTP. Can I expect any change in the structure of address files with the new online service?

No, the address files will continue to be made available via SFTP with the same content format and the same file name structure. Any changes relating to the individual configuration of the online application (i.e. in the new online service) are user-specific and have no impact on the provision of data via SFTP.

I’ve stored the login for the PREMIUM ADDRESS customer area as a favorite. Will I be automatically switched to the new website?

We shall make sure you are temporarily redirected. We suggest, in the long term, that you delete the old favorite and store a new one.

What technical parameters does use of the new online service require?

The PREMIUM ADDRESS online service application is optimized for the following Internet browser and operating system versions:

  •  Firefox 31 or higher
  • Chrome 29 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Safari 5 or higher

Recommended system environment:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Mac OS 9
  • Mac OS 10 and higher

Use of the latest versions of the browser and operating system is generally recommended in each case in order to achieve optimum performance and a full scope of functions.

Do I still need a Java plug-in for the new online service?

No, the latest Java plug-in is not required to use the new online service.

When will the new online service be available?

The switchover is scheduled for September 2015. We shall, of course, notify you in good time of the exact date and all other important items of information.