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Many successful enterprises and strong brands rely on PREMIUMADRESS professional address management services.
Find out here who counts on us and which services they use to ensure their market success.

Heine Logo
Heine Beispiel

Heine, a mail order company, is looking for up-to-date address information and catalog returns.

Heine sends over 30 million catalogs a year. Address maintenance is an important marketing tool for ensuring cost-effective customer reach. This is because every return causes unnecessary costs. PREMIUMADRESS ensures that the company immediately receives up-to-date address information in the event of non-deliverable mail items. Thanks to the corrected addresses, catalogs can be redelivered promptly. Here the possibility that catalogs can be returned is particularly important, above all high-quality main catalogs.

The solution: Heine uses PREMIUMADRESS Basis and Retoure. This service provides Heine with electronic address information for non-deliverable items and the catalogs are returned.



RAJA Deutschland attaches great importance to the best possible maintenance of its customer database.

The annual shipment volume comprises a total of around 2 million catalogs in various versions - the main catalog with over 700 pages, the almost 70-page monthly catalog and various theme catalogs.

The company takes full advantage of PREMIUMADRESS by using the service for various marketing objectives. It includes both the activation of existing customers and the inactive reactivation. And since it is of utmost importance for RAJA that its catalogs reach the right contacts of its business customers, the best possible maintenance of its customer database is so important. This of course as cost-saving and efficient as possible.

The responsible use of paper resources and environmentally conscious action also play an important role. Because RAJA keeps the return rate low by means of a well-maintained address database.

The solution: RAJA uses PREMIUMADRESS Basis. This means that the company receives the corrected addresses digitally as soon as they are sent out and quickly knows about any defects in the address, relocation or undeliverability of its customer addresses.

VDI Verlag Logo

VDI Verlag and Springer-VDI-Verlag are enjoying a sharp rise in quality and speed with PREMIUMADRESS.

Correct and fast address information regarding non-deliverable Pressepost items are extremely important to the publishers VDI Verlag and Springer-VDI-Verlag. The replacement of the existing s ADRESSUPDATE services was to cater to this and provide additional benefits as well. As a test customer, VDI Verlag and Springer-VDI-Verlag contributed to product development and communicated their experiences. 

With the replacement of ADRESSUPDATE, the customer switched all titles to PREMIUMADRESS and has clearly noted the sharp rise in quality and speed with PREMIUMADRESS. The customer makes full use of the additional benefits of PREMIUMADRESS such as insert management and recipient personalization with the help of the data matrix code.

In addition to the product benefits, VDI Verlag and Springer-VDI-Verlag are also highly satisfied with the connection process and praise the customer-friendly certification procedure for the data matrix code.

The solution: VDI Verlag and Springer-VDI-Verlag both used PREMIUMADRESS Basis to enable access to top-quality up-to-date address information as quickly as possible.

Infoscore Logo
Infoscore Beispiel

arvatoinfoscore benefits from many free address information.

arvatoinfoscore sends over 25 million debt collection letters a year. Consistent address maintenance is indispensable to ensure that payments for the company’s customers are received as quickly as possible. This is the only way to make sure all debtors are reached. The processing of non-deliverable mail items required high manual work as well as costs.

Thanks to PREMIUMADRESS the customer is now able to transfer corrected addresses into its databases on the same day the corrections are applied. The smooth integration into arvato infoscore’s processes has resulted in a significant improvement in quality, the acceleration of collection management, and a reduction in manual work. One particular advantage: since only letters are sent as part of the receivables management, the company receives the address and non-delivery information free of charge.

The solution: arvatoinfoscore chose PREMIUMADRESS Basis to access up-to-date address information every day, enjoy a more efficient data maintenance process, and save costs.

PressUp Logo

PressUp relies on efficient address management for its customers from the publishing industry.

As a subscription service provider, with customers such as the publishing houses Verlag Dieter Niedecken and Travel Talk Verlag, PressUp has chosen PREMIUMADRESS to make sure it receives information about the latest address changes quickly and conveniently – because when it comes to the magazine business, customer satisfaction hinges on reliable and punctual delivery.

With PREMIUMADRESS, you can ensure efficient and target group-specific deliveries for every shipping run. This benefits not only the service provider and the publishers, but advertisers and readers alike.

The solution: PressUp uses PREMIUMADRESS Basis, allowing it to use up-to-date and/or corrected addresses at short notice.

Tasso e.V. Logo

TASSO, the central pet register, is looking for fast service at good value.

TASSO mails approx. 3.9 million DIALOGPOST items and another 500,000 mail items in its day-to-day business every year – all with mail item-related address maintenance. As the company is financed on donations, it requires a system that keeps costs at a minimum.

The address maintenance process  must account for address changes, non-delivery information as well as relocation addresses. TASSO requires a system that can be rolled out smoothly, is easy to adapt, and provides data digitally. This is the only way to enter address changes and dispatch information quickly and cost-effectively.

The solution: TASSO uses PREMIUMADRESS Basis. This provides the company with corrected address shortly after mailing so that it knows whether addresses are incorrect, recipients have relocated, or mail items are non-deliverable.