Frequently asked questions


PREMIUMADRESS is an address maintenance service. Based on your mailings, the check by our mail carriers, and the comparison with our databases, PREMIUMADRESS continuously supplies up-to-date and corrected address data. Should your mailings be non-deliverable, you will be notified accordingly. A distinction is made between non-delivery information, relocation, and incorrect addresses.

You can download the address and non- deliverability information either in your secure customer area at or have it transferred via SFTP.

You can use PREMIUMADRESS for DIALOGPOST, letter mail, and press products.

Yes. The information listed in the agreement includes master data needed for setting up your access to our PREMIUMADRESS online service.

Using the access data for your secure customer area, you can download your address information from there.

This is what PREMIUMADRESS does:

  • Information on an actual status on the delivery day
  • The delivery service carries out a check on the spot at the exact time of the delivery attempt:
    - Items with the correct address are delivered
    - Items with incorrect addresses are corrected and delivered
    - In the event that an item cannot be delivered, action is taken in accordance with the selected product option.

PREMIUMADRESS does not do this

  • Suspected delivery
  • Search for identical surnames, e.g. in a block of flats
  • Comparison of letterbox and doorbell labelling (the recipient is responsible for the letterbox and doorbell labelling!)

PREMIUMADRESS is not an address research product, but rather a "mail tracker" with address correction. With PREMIUMADRESS we offer you information about undeliverable and incorrectly addressed items. This information can be used to update the customer database. This service represents real added value. On the basis of the data matrix code, the recipient's address and the undeliverable note indicated by the delivery, digital data records are generated which can be downloaded from the PREMIUMADRESS online service as ready-to-use files.

  1. Deutsche Post mail carriers check whether mail items can be delivered.
  2. Cross-check with the redirection and deceased persons databases.
  3. Comparison with the non-delivery database (optional)
  4. New address from the address verification service (optional)

The database contains the current (valid) redirection requests for private individuals and companies.

If the addresses of undeliverable items cannot be updated on the basis of a request for mail redirection, searches are conducted in numerous relocation and address databases. In many cases, it is possible to find the current address.

The database contains all those known to have died from the postal reference file, which is compiled in cooperation with the German Federal Undertakers Association (Bundesverband des Deutschen Bestattungsgewerbes) or other cooperation partners (internal address check, redirection requests).

We notify you whether addressees could not be identified, whether they refused acceptance, whether the mail item was not collected, or whether the addressee is deceased.

You pay for each piece of address information supplied. In other words, the better the quality of your addresses, the lower your costs. Which of the 7 product variants you go for has no impact on the price.

Non-delivery information, information on deceased recipients, and address corrections for the “letter mail” item type in connection with the PREMIUMADRESS Basis and Report product variants are free of charge (non-deliverable mail items will be destroyed).

Non-delivery information € 0.33
Address correction € 0.33
Non-delivery information with database confirmation € 0.61
Information about deceased recipients € 0.88
Relocation address/information € 1.40
New address from the address verification service € 5.50

All prices are exclusive of VAT at the statutory rate.

Shipping preparation and data matrix code

The PREMIUMADRESS data matrix code is created depending on the respective franking type, e.g. IT franking data matrix code, PREMIUMADRESS data matrix code (for DIALOGPOST, PLUSBRIEF, stamp, Franking Service, Internetmarke stamp), FRANKIT data matrix code, and Pressepost data matrix code. PREMIUMADRESS has been integrated into these data matrix codes. PREMIUMADRESS Label provides a simplified solution. However, since it is not created for each individual item, it does not support the full flexibility of the PREMIUMADRESS service.

For customers who do not wish to use any software, we have developed PREMIUMADRESS Label with an integrated data matrix code. You can find it directly in your customer area in our online service under the menu item P-Label.

DIALOGPOST and letter mail items with PREMIUMADRESS can be produced using DIALOGPOST MANAGER. For Pressesendung items, MANAGER PRESSE DISTRIBUTION software is available. The conventional IT franking software solutions also support PREMIUMADRESS and FRANKIT. Furthermore, there are various software solution providers that support the data matrix code.
Information on this is available from the PREMIUMADRESS service team (e -mail: ) or from the specialist IT franking consultant. You can find your local specialist consultant at:

PREMIUMADRESS Label is a simplified solution with which you can create the data matrix code online without any additional software.

Data provision

Our customers can always download the data packages using the PREMIUMADRESS online service. In addition, data can be transmitted via SFTP. For data formats, there is a choice of CSV, XML, TXT, XLS, XLSX or PDF.

If required, we notify you automatically by e-mail as soon as new address data is available to be downloaded.


As a registered customer, you can log into and use the online service. This application lets you transfer your PREMIUMADRESS information to your own computer, create a label, research data records and bills, and create PREMIUMADRESS IDs to manage your mailings and returns handling.

Find out more on the online service in the How-to-Video.

The How-to-Video provides for an initial visual impression of the possibilities and the use of the online service.

The access rights are set up either upon conclusion of a contract or following the creation of a new user profile in the online service. The access data is provided by e-mail.

If you no longer know your user ID or password, you can go to “Benutzer oder Passwort vergessen” (Forgotten User ID or Password?) on the login page of the online service to request your user ID or a password link to issue a new password.

To protect your account from unauthorised access, you must change your password at least every 365 days. We will remind you by email 14 days before your password expires. Your chosen password must be at least 15 characters long.

The PREMIUMADRESS online service is supported by all common internet browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari).

Websites are displayed best in Firefox - the PREMIUMADRESS application has been optimized for this browser.

For security and performance reasons, it is recommended that you always use the latest version of your browser.