Address search: Your key to unlocking more up-to-date contacts.

With PREMIUMADRESS you can update all addresses for which relocation information is available from active redirection requests. But what happens when a redirection request expires or doesn’t exist?

From now on, all you have to do is order our additional address search service!

It's easy:

Conclude a supplementary agreement to your main PREMIUMADRESS contract and order an item-based address search using your PREMIUMADRESS-ID.

Searches are conducted using relocation and address databases and the relocation data of cooperation partners.

Results are checked for deliverability probability.

Addresses are made available to download in the PREMIUMADRESS online service portal.

Use our address search service now!

Address search offers you decisive advantages for MAIL, DIALOGPOST and PRESSEPOST:

  • More relocation addresses: Increase the share of your new relocation addresses by up to 50 %.
  • Less work: You receive the new addresses within just two to five working days – without having to conduct any searches yourself.
  • One-stop service: Our address search service is integrated directly into PREMIUMADRESS, eliminating additional work for internal verification searches and the need for an IT connection to external service providers. All you have to do is retrieve the new addresses from the address research section in the PREMIUMADRESS portal.
  • Transparent & efficient: Instead of a monthly flat rate, you pay a match-based fee of € 4.901) per successful search.

1)  Plus statutory value-added tax.