POSTAKTUELL for print shops

Do you have a print shop?
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A longtime partner of Deutsche Post and POSTAKTUELL, FLYERALARM offers fast and easy planning, efficient execution and the usual high quality.

POSTAKTUELL Reseller Leadprint

Free shop module for printers

Full integration of POSTAKTUELL in the Lead-Print print shop and web-to-print solution.


Enhance your print shop by offering ad mailing distribution and delivery in addition to printing. Both of our solutions make this possible: become a reseller and benefit from attractive terms as a partner, or use Lead-Print's web-to-print solutions.

Sell POSTAKTUELL as a reseller...

  • Reseller-contract
  • Special price
  • Own implementation using API

...or through the Lead-Print shop solution

  • Use of Lead-Print print shop solutions or Printlounge
  • Easy integration with help of add-on
  • No reseller contract

Become a reseller

Sign reseller contract



Your benefits

  • Enhance shop
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Deutsche Post premium partner
  • Resellers benefit from attractive terms as partner
  • Increase print volumes

What you’ll offer as a future reseller

  • Professionally designed print shop
  • Open Shop - Your product/services open to all potential customers
  • Integration of POSTAKTUELL service through our API
  • All POSTAKTUELL orders are forwarded to Deutsche Post’s electronic order management
  • Advertising for POSTAKTUELL
  • Packaging and delivery of items in accordance with Deutsche Post guidelines


You integrate POSTAKTUELL into your shop using our API. The specifications are available upon request. This can give you an idea of the time required for integration. After the contract has been signed, it's time to implement! We will send you an API-key so that you can use the API.

Request specifications and get an overview

Request API key

Integrate API functionalities into shop

Overview of API functionalities

  • Distribution planning by zip code (PLZ), delivery district or town/city district
  • Forwarding to electric order management
  • Bundle preparation and creation of posting lists

Our Resellers

Printers with Lead-Print shop solution

Other shops with API solution

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