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Nationwide shipment of Bücher- und Warensendung

The book and merchandise shipment offers a reasonably priced shipping of books, catalogs, and items within Germany.

With the book and merchandise shipment, you have two attractive options:
Shipping up to 500 grams and 1000 grams.

Price     Dimensions and Weight   Additional Information
Book and Merchandise shipment
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1,95 €

Length: up to 35,3 cm
Width: up to 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
Weight: 500 g
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Book and Merchandise shipment
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2,25 €

Length: bis 35,3 cm
Width: bis 25 cm
Height: bis 5 cm
Weight: 1.000 g

Book and Merchandise Shipment (Bücher- und Warensendung) in Detail

The book and merchandise shipment is particularly suitable for spare parts, small electronic devices, catalogs, mobile phone accessories, data carriers, textiles, household goods and much more!

Your Benefits:

  • Reasonably priced shipping of your books and merchandise
  • Closed delivery of your shipment
  • Uniform shipment formats

Special features in shipping:

  • Transit time of 4 working days
  • Reserved shipping
  • VAT exempt according to UStG

New: MERCHANDISE POST for business customers

Fast shipping for your small-sized goods including shipment tracking. The alternative to book and merchandise shipping.

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Alternatives for national delivery of goods

DHL Päckchen
from 3,99 €
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L: 15–35 cm
W: 11–25 cm
H: 1–10 cm
up to 2 kg
DHL Paket
from 5,49 €
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L: 15–120 cm
W: 11–60 cm
H: 1–60 cm
up to 31,5 kg
from 1,60 €
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L: 10–35,3 cm
W: 7–25 cm
H: up to 2 cm
up to 500 g
from 2,75 €
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L: 10–35,3 cm
W: 7–25 cm
H: up to 5 cm
up to 1.000 g

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