Invitation: 200 employees of Deutsche Post DHL Group can once again confront the 41 floors of the Post Tower.

Tower running – the sport:

Tower running is a sport of the 21st century. It fits perfectly with the age of modern city life. Conquering the stairs can be integrated into the daily office routine in an optimal way and offers the possibility of doing a workout during your lunch break, regardless of the weather conditions. This everyday suitability; the need for healthy activities; the search for new and unusual challenges; as well as the special fascination with skyscrapers and towers are all reasons for the growing popularity of tower running as a sport. Already in 2014, more than 110,000 participants attended more than 200 tower-running events in 40 countries worldwide.

Tower running – the challenge:

The Deutsche Post Tower Run takes place in the Post Tower, the head office of Deutsche Post DHL in Bonn. This tower is in a class of its own: At 162.5 meters, it is the tallest German high-rise building outside Frankfurt am Main and it is the 11th-tallest in all of Germany. After scaling 828 steps and 41 floors, our participants are treated to the rooftop terrace’s wonderful view – from the Siebengebirge hill range around Bonn, right up as far as Cologne. The best time needed to conquer the height difference of 147 meters was an unbelievable 4 minutes 39 seconds.