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Now you can receive your mail in scanned form, for a few weeks or indefinitely. We'll send you the originals on a monthly basis.

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On the road or in your everyday routine, your mailbox is always visible online.

Do you want to receive and read your daily mail everywhere? With POSTSCAN, we'll scan your mail and deliver it via the Deutsche Post shop. We store the original items securely and deliver them to you monthly. It's ideal for your vacations and business trips, or as a permanent digitalization solution for your daily mail.

POSTSCAN - briefly explained

In less than 1 minute we will show you how Postscan works and what advantages our new scanning service offers you!

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POSTSCAN: Your online mailbox

Use POSTSCAN for only EUR14.99 per month. No change of address needed, no hidden costs! You can book the service, pay for it, and view your digitalized mail in the Deutsche Post shop.

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On vacation, on business trips or as an everyday solution, POSTSCAN is always with you

Use POSTSCAN on vacation

Keep an eye on your mailbox even when you're on vacation and read your mail easily online!

Use POSTSCAN on business trips

Keep up with your mail on the road and don't miss any appointments or important documents!

Use POSTSCAN as an everyday solution

Simply receive and manage your  daily mail online on a permanent basis. It couldn't be easier!

Letters digitally at a glance - your advantages

POSTSCAN offers you flexible, cost-effective and secure digitization of your daily mail. Your booking is made conveniently with just one order in our store - we take care of all the processing for you.

Flexible: Important mail reaches you wherever you are - for a few weeks or several months.

Inexpensive: We scan and store your mail and deliver your originals - with no additional costs.

Secure: Your mail is automatically scanned and stored and delivered once a month.

It couldn't be easier. Receive your daily mail online.


Book POSTSCAN online in the Deutsche Post shop for only EUR14.99 per month.

Scanning your daily mail

We scan your mail in our scanning center and store the originals securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Read mail online

Every working day, your mail will be delivered to your online mailbox in our shop, and you'll receive e-mail notifications.

Receive originals

Once a month, all scanned items will be sent as normal mail to the address of your choice.

POSTSCAN: Your online mailbox

Use POSTSCAN for only EUR14.99 per month. No change of address needed, no hidden costs! You can book the service, pay for it, and view your digitalized mail in the Deutsche Post shop.

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POSTSCAN setup price 1,2
(includes the first month of use.)
14.99 €
POSTSCAN monthly subscription 1,2
(starts with the second month of use.)
14.99 €
per month
Automatic forwarding of mail to be digitalized Included
Digitization of mail 3 Included
Provision of scanned mail in Deutsche Post shop Included
Storage in compliance with data protection regulations Included
Monthly delivery of original mail to your preferred address Included

1 All prices are final and include statutory VAT.

2 The monthly subscription can be cancelled monthly.

3 Further information can be found in the service description.

Questions and answers

During the period for which you have ordered POSTSCAN, we'll collect your incoming mail with the receiving address you provided and digitalize all postcards and regular letters before physical delivery and send them as digital messages to your POSTSCAN customer account in the Deutsche Post shop under "Meine Sendungen" (My items).  

The items listed below can be scanned and are displayed in the Deutsche Post shop: 

  • Postcards and letter mail in the following formats: ISO (A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, B4, B5, B6, B7)
  • Additional services: registered mail (advice of delivery, delivery to addressee only, mailbox delivery, delivery to addressee only with advice of delivery)

The following conditions must also be met:  

  • Volume: up to 100 sheets per item 
  • Document thickness: up to 1.2 mm  
  • Paper weight: 30 g/m² to 280 g/m² 
  • Fasteners: for letter mail with simple fasteners (paper clips and staples)

Items that we can't scan (e.g. catalogs) will be sent without delay directly to your receiving address.

After we've scanned your mail and sent it to your customer account where you can view it, we put the mail in storage. We send mail that can't be scanned directly to your receiving address without delay. For POSTSCAN orders, we deliver your stored original mail to your receiving address, or to any other address specified by you, every month and after termination of your order.

For POSTSCAN we use only the receiving address that you provided when you ordered POSTSCAN in the shop and verified using the AdressTAN sent to you. Items sent to the receiving address will be scanned at POSTSCAN. The receiving address consists of first name, last name, street, house number, postal code and city. Make sure nobody living at the receiving address has an identical name (first names or multiple first names and last names). Collective forms of address such as "Family" or "John and Mary Smith" may not be used for registration. Only receiving addresses in Germany are allowed. 

Important: Your address cannot change during an active POSTSCAN order. To change your address, you have to enter a new POSTSCAN order for the new address. 

Only one receiving address per POSTSCAN order is possible. For other orders, each customer must use their own customer account to submit an order for POSTSCAN.

POSTSCAN can also be used during temporary absences like vacations or business trips. To do so, after starting the service you only need to terminate it at the desired date in the Deutsche Post shop. 


Do you have any other questions? 

You can find more questions and answers about POSTSCAN here.

POSTSCAN – Your mailbox is wherever you are.

Receive and read scans of your letters online. Scanning, storage and delivery of originals every month for €14.99.
You can order the service now in the Deutsche Post shop and start using it in August.

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