Information on the additional fee for offline coupons

An additional fee will be charged for each billable identity check using a billing number that has been configured for non-personalised coupons for POSTIDENT by post office.

POSTIDENT by post office was fully digitalized for the following reasons:

  • To simplify the process for private customers
  • To enhance data quality during the identity check
  • To speed up the process and reduce the time until the results are transmitted.

Switch to the online coupon now

If the billing number is configured for the use of the offline coupon but you want to switch to the online variant, please contact our Postident Service Team (

Switching to the use of the online coupon is not mandatory in order to continue to carry out identification at the post office.

Use of the online coupon for POSTIDENT by post office

A digital connection to the Postident system is required for customers who want to use the pre-registered online coupon. Two options are available for connecting to the system: An “Easy Connect” interface or an “SCR-API”.

More information can be found in our technical documentation at („Schnittstelle Easy Connect“ (German only) & „Standard Connect & Result Ident REST API Guide 1 Start“)

Example of an online coupon

Use of the offline coupon for POSTIDENT by post office

Higher processing costs have made it necessary to levy an offline surcharge per identity check if your end customers use the generic, non-personalized coupon (offline coupon) for identity verification at a post office.

Example of an offline coupon

If you don’t know if your billing number has been configured for the use of generic, non-personalized coupons (offline coupons), check your POSTIDENT invoice to find out. If the invoice contains the note “Postident d. Postfiliale (Basic) Offline” (Postident by post office (basic) offline), the billing number has been configured for offline coupons and the additional fee will be charged for all successful identity checks that use this billing number.

If the invoice contains the note “Postident d. Postfiliale Basic Online” (Postident by post office basic online), no additional fee will be charged. This billing number can only be used for identity checks with the online  coupon.

Part of an example invoice

Differences between the online and offline coupons:

The online coupon:

  • The coupon can be used on a smartphone
  • Verification status can be monitored using an unique case ID
  • The coupon contains the private customer’s information, which is automatically entered into the system at the post office

The offline coupon:

  • The case is not uniquely numbered
  • Processing times at the post office are longer because the data must be entered manually
  • duplicate verifications are possible 
  • The coupon never expires

If you would like to switch to the online version, please contact our Postident service team (