POSTAKTUELL MANAGER – Questions and answers

Here you can find answers about and tips for using POSTAKTUELL MANAGER.

POSTAKTUELL MANAGER offers a full range of functions that help you get your POSTAKTUELL items ready for posting.
You can select postal code areas and delivery districts as well as the town/city and urban districts.
The software can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer (Microsoft Windows or Mac). Register when you first start the software.
Afterward the program can be used immediately.

The web tool offers you a limited range of functions for planning the dispatch of small mailing campaigns.
You can select postal codes or delivery districts. Note: You do not have to install software or register to use the web tool.
That means you can get started right away!

With the help of the API interface, the distribution planning functions for POSTAKTUELL items can be integrated into the company's own online platform.
Ideal for agencies, online printing services and associations that wish to offer their customers convenient distribution planning for their POSTAKTUELL items.
If you are interested, get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide you with the API documentation.

POSTAKTUELL lets you choose from two distribution areas:

  • Core areas: Postal code areas in 17 regions of Germany with high addressable market potential.
  • Peripheral areas: All remaining postal code areas in Germany with medium to low addressable market potential.

Both our web tool and POSTAKTUELL MANAGER can show you whether the distribution area you selected belongs to a central or a peripheral area.

The household data is updated at the start of every month. Orders created in advance will also be updated at the same time. This ensures that you are always in a position to plan the exact item volumes that you need. 

POSTAKTUELL MANAGER is the tool used to give advance notification to Deutsche Post's electronic order management. Before you can begin doing that for the first time, you will have to register via our order management hotline.

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