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Deutsche Post DHL sets green standards in post and parcel logistics


The most environmentally friendly fleet in the industry!

  • World’s largest e-fleet
  • 20,000 e-vehicles and 12,600 e-trikes



Parcels by rail: train transport cuts carbon emissions

  • 10 million parcels monthly by rail
  • New service for private customer parcels


Investing sustainably – green logistics and e-mobility in Germany

We are the most climate-friendly letter and parcel service and want to keep it that way! Our CO2 emissions per item are already much lower than those of the competition. Our deliveries are already carbon-free in 50% of our delivery districts and we plan to increase this percentage to over 70% by 2025. This is part of our national sustainability program through which we are investing a total of EUR 600 million in green infrastructure and e-mobility in 2022. For us, sustainability also means making CO2 emissions fully transparent and allowing our customers to actively manage and reduce their mail and parcel transport emissions through us.

Yellow is Green

Our path to carbon-free post and parcel logistics in Germany. Watch our video to learn how we do it and what green solutions we use for transport, buildings and delivery.

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Taking action and making changes – sustainably!


EUR 600 million invested in sustainability

Deutsche Post DHL’s sustainability program includes investments totaling EUR 600 million in e-mobility and green infrastructure. We are equipping our production sites with photovoltaics, heat pumps and building automation, and will operate 100 carbon-neutral delivery centers already in 2022 and 280 by 2025. We consistently apply a sustainable construction concept in all our production sites, deploy climate-friendly equipment in all our mail and parcel centers and already use 95% green electricity.


World’s largest e-fleet

With 20,000 electric delivery vans, 12,600 e-trikes and 6,700 e-bikes, ours is the largest fleet of electric commercial vehicles in the world, and our deliveries are carbon-free in about 50% of our delivery districts. No other logistics company invests as much in e-mobility as we do. This year’s budget alone is around EUR 300 million. We will expand our e-fleet to 38,000 electric delivery vehicles and 14,000 e-trikes by 2025. That means we can also help our public sector customers to meet the requirements of the German Clean Vehicles Procurement Act.


Rail transport and 400 new gas-powered trucks

We use a rail transport network across Germany to ship 6% of parcels in a climate-friendly way, equivalent to about 10 million parcels a month. Our new Bahntransport rail service means private customers can take an active role in cutting carbon emissions. In road transport, we are deploying alternative fuels and will purchase more than 100 (bio)gas-powered trucks with much lower emissions in 2022. The fleet will include more than 400 of these trucks in the future.


Transparency and avoiding emissions

Since 2007, our GoGreen service has enabled customers to offset mail and parcel transport emissions with investments in climate protection projects. Together with pilot customers, we are taking things to the next level with GoGreen Plus – a service that gives customers transparency about their mail and parcel transport emissions so they can actively manage and avoid them. We are jointly investing in additional reduction measures in the logistics network, for example by purchasing sustainable fuels and electric trucks.

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Yellow is Green
We set green standards in post and parcel logistics!

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Working together to offset and reduce CO2 emissions

Use our climate-friendly products and services to send and receive your letters and parcels.
With us you can keep track of your “green footprint” and reduce your mail and parcel transport emissions!

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Climate protection in shipping starts with GoGreen

Climate-neutral shipping with GoGreen is automatic for all letters and – throughout the world from July 2022 – all private customer parcels without any extra charges. We offset the emissions through investments in certified climate protection projects. Business customers can book GoGreen for their parcels, domestic advertising items and periodicals.

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New: a plus for climate protection

With GoGreen Plus, we are working with pilot customers to take climate-neutral shipping to the next level: GoGreen Plus unlocks additional investments, for example in biofuels or electric trucks, to actively avoid emissions in our logistics network – a genuine plus for climate protection.

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Information about GoGreen Plus for business customers can be found here

Privatkunden Pakete mit Bahntransport versenden

New: send parcels by rail 

Our new rail transport service cuts emissions per item by about 30% compared to road transport using trucks. The service can be booked for selected journeys in online franking – with no extra charges.

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Klimafreundliche Emfpangsoptionen

Climate-friendly recipient options 

With our recipient services like preferred location, parcel rerouting or redirection and storage services, we can work together to avoid failed deliveries and wasted journeys. More than 19 million registered customers are already using these options.

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Packstationen - Die grüne Adresse für Ihre Pakete

Packstations – the green address for your parcels 

There is already a network of more than 9,300 Packstations, helping to reduce distances traveled and deliver parcels in a more climate-friendly way: delivering parcels to the Packstation cuts CO2 emissions by about 30% compared to regular front-door delivery. Packstations can be found at locations with good transport links such as train stations or at everyday locations, for example close to supermarkets, thus obviating the need for extra journeys. Some 15,000 Packstations will be in use by the end of 2023.

Use Packstation now: About Packstation | DHL


Climate-neutral packaging and envelopes

Our Packset, Pluspäckchen and Plusbrief products are manufactured in a climate-neutral way thanks to emissions offsetting with GoGreen; for private customers, GoGreen also provides climate-neutral transport. DHL Packsets are already largely made of recycled material. We plan to convert all Packsets to 100% recycled by the end of 2022.

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