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Stiftung Warentest CSR Siegel

It’s a test win for us

...but more importantly for our employees

Stiftung Warentest has recognized our fair working conditions and our efforts to improve environmental protection in the post and parcel business. We’re delighted and we’ll keep trying our hardest to do even better every day.


The most environmentally friendly fleet in the industry

  • World’s largest e-fleet
  • 23,000 e-vehicles and 13,500 e-trikes



Parcels by rail: Bahntransport rail service cuts carbon emissions

  • 12 million parcels monthly by rail
  • New service for private customer parcels


Grüner Fußabdruck mit GoGreen und GoGreen Plus

The future is green – go with us!

Offsetting and avoiding emissions: climate-neutral shipping of letters and parcels is a sign of active climate protection.

Green logistics and e-mobility in Germany

What makes us the most climate-friendly mail and parcel service? Our carbon emissions per item are much lower than the competition’s, and in 50% of our delivery districts our deliveries are completely carbon-free. The percentage will increase to over 70% by 2025. This is part of our national sustainability program through which we are investing a total of EUR 500 million in green infrastructure and e-mobility in 2023.


Sustainability means making carbon emissions transparent and controlling them actively. Use our climate-friendly products and services to send and receive your items, keep track of your “green footprint” and actively avoid emissions.

Louisa Dellert asks – we answer:

In the latest edition of the LOU Postcast, Christoph Hempsch, Head of Sustainability at Deutsche Post and DHL, answers all the questions influencer Louisa Dellert wants to ask about sustainability in our company. 

Have a listen! Click here for the podcast:

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Climate neutrality – how does that work in shipping?

We achieve carbon-neutral shipments through two services: GoGreen and GoGreen Plus. The DHL sustainability status in shipment tracking shows how sustainably your item was sent:

GoGreen Logo

With GoGreen, any transport emissions generated are subsequently compensated for through investment in climate protection projects around the globe. This is referred to as offsetting. We implement this offsetting process automatically for all letter mail items and private customer parcels worldwide – at no extra charge. Business customers can opt to have this service added to their parcels and advertising mail.

Find out more: and

GoGreen Plus Logo

GoGreen Plus avoids emissions through insetting, in other words additional reduction measures in our logistics networks such as the use of biogas or electric trucks. Starting in 2022, this new service has been booked by numerous companies who want to take the next step toward climate neutrality together with us.

Find out more: and

Keep track of emissions: receive your parcels in a climate-neutral way

Klimafreundliche Emfpangsoptionen

Irrespective of who sends you your parcels and merchandise items, if you are a private customer you can now receive them with the climate-neutral GoGreen Plus service. To do so, book the GoGreen Plus recipient service for €3.79 (for 12 months) and make your own active contribution to sustainable logistics. 

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Privatkunden Pakete mit Bahntransport versenden

Using our Bahntransport rail service can save up to 30% of carbon emissions per item on average compared to conventional road transport. If the route is suitable, you can book the service free of charge in online franking. The item will not take more than one extra day to arrive.

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You can avoid unnecessary journeys by using our recipient services such as drop-off location, parcel rerouting or redirection and storage services. The new sustainability report in the DHL customer account shows which DHL services were used to send your items.

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Use our recipient services:

Packstationen - Die grüne Adresse für Ihre Pakete

Delivering your parcels to one of our 11,500 Packstations cuts carbon emissions by about 30% compared to regular home delivery. Packstations can be found at locations with good transport links such as train stations or close to supermarkets, thus obviating the need for extra journeys.  

Use Packstation now: About Packstation | DHL


Pack sustainably!

Our Packset, Pluspäckchen and Plusbrief products are manufactured in a climate-neutral way thanks to emissions offsetting with GoGreen. Packset products are made of 100% recycled material and are reusable.

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The Climate Checkers | The video

A green fleet, yellow trains, climate-friendly buildings and clean energy. 

Three episodes in one video, 100% action, 63 seconds that leave at least one person speechless...

with Jürgen Vogel of course.

Taking action and making changes – sustainably!


EUR 500 million invested in sustainability

In 2023, Deutsche Post DHL’s sustainability program includes investments totaling EUR 500 million in e-mobility and green infrastructure. We are equipping our production sites with photovoltaics, heat pumps and building automation, and will operate a total of 280 carbon-neutral delivery bases by 2025. We consistently apply a sustainable construction concept in all our operating sites, deploy climate-friendly equipment in all our mail and parcel centers and already use 95% green electricity.


World’s largest e-fleet

With 23,000 electric delivery vans, 13,500 e-trikes and 6,100 e-bikes, ours is the largest fleet of electric commercial vehicles in the world, and our deliveries are carbon-free in about 50% of our delivery districts. No other logistics company invests as much in e-mobility as we do. We will expand our e-fleet to 38,000 electric delivery vehicles and 14,000 e-trikes by 2025. That means we can also help our public sector customers to meet the requirements of the German Clean Vehicles Procurement Act.


Rail transport and 350 new gas-powered trucks

We use a rail transport network across Germany to ship 6% of parcels in a climate-friendly way, equivalent to about 12 million parcels a month. Our Bahntransport rail service means private customers can take an active role in cutting carbon emissions. In road transport, we are deploying alternative fuels and will be running more than 350 (bio)gas-powered trucks with much lower emissions by the end of 2023.


Transparency and avoiding emissions

Since 2007, our GoGreen service has enabled customers to offset mail and parcel transport emissions with investments in climate protection projects. With GoGreen Plus we offer climate-neutral shipping based on avoiding emissions, providing our customer with transparency about their shipping-related emissions and allowing them to actively control and avoid them. With GoGreen Plus, we are investing in additional reduction measures in the logistics network, for example by purchasing sustainable fuels and electric trucks.

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Yellow is Green

Watch our video to learn what solutions we use for transport, buildings and delivery 

to set green standards in post and parcel logistics in Germany.

Would you like to discover more about our green solutions? Find out here.

Stiftung Warentest

According to Stiftung Warentest, DHL was best in test out of five parcel services.
In the category of CSR engagement (environmental protection, working conditions, social and ecological strategy, transparency) we were the only service provider to score “GOOD”.