For light and heavy reading material

BÜCHERSENDUNG (book item) - the best way to ensure readers get your books cost-effectively.

BÜCHERSENDUNG (book item) lets you send light or heavy reading materials to your customers. The product can only be used to send books, brochures, sheet music and maps. Documents with factual information may also be included either as a loose insert or attached to items or their packaging. The contents of a BÜCHERSENDUNG (book item) may not serve commercial purposes.

Additional information regarding content restrictions can be found under Frequently Asked Questions.

What's allowed – what isn't...

Allowed items:

  • Books
  • Brochures
  • Sheet music
  • Maps
  • Inserts (e.g., an invoice for the item contents)

Prohibited items:

  • Individual letter texts of all kinds
  • Texts with salutations or letter closings
  • Personal messages
  • Printed materials that serve business purposes

Some things to remember when posting

BÜCHERSENDUNG (book) items must be posted in an unsealed package and have the inscription Büchersendung (book item) printed above the address.

The inner packaging may be sealed only if it is the manufacturer's packaging and the sender has consented to the item being opened for inspection by making the note Darf zu Prüfzwecken durch die Post geöffnet werden (may be opened by Deutsche Post for inspection).

Exception for volumes ≥ 100 items

BÜCHERSENDUNG (book) items may be sealed if they contain at least 100 copies of the same kind of item when posted – i.e., items with the same format, the same weight class and the same sender – and the sender has consented to the package being opened for inspection.

Sealed items must be marked with Büchersendung/Entgelt gepr. (book item/postage verified) above the address.

Addressing and sending to a Packstation

BÜCHERSENDUNGEN (book items) can also be addressed and delivered directly to a Packstation if the recipient is registered there as a user. You can find more information here.