Information about the company pension plan of Deutsche Post AG

The company pension plan of Deutsche Post AG is entirely employer-funded. You can find out what that means on this page, along with some general information.

What is the Deutsche Post AG occupational pension?

At Deutsche Post AG, there is an entirely employer-funded occupational pension scheme, as regulated in the Collective Agreement Concerning Occupational Pensions of Deutsche Post AG (CA No. 179). The occupational pension is open to employees subject to collective bargaining agreements, apprentices, and dual study programme students of Deutsche Post AG.

During their period of employment, the eligible parties collect annual benefit modules in a pension account created for this purpose. For the period up to 2015 inclusively, there was an initial module, and, from 2016, an annual module for each following year.

How do I get a pension account with annual benefit modules?

You need not worry about setting up a pension account, since Deutsche Post does this automatically if the collective bargaining agreement applies to you. We also transfer the annual benefit modules automatically to your personal pension account.

Once a year, the Pension Service Office sends you an update of your pension account balance.

How much does my annual benefit module cost?

The level of your benefit module depends on when you started working for Deutsche Post AG (before or after 1 July 2019), and on your wage group, since the latter determines the corresponding benefit group in the calendar year. Each benefit group matches a corresponding benefit module.

Full-time employees receive a complete benefit module for the corresponding calendar year, providing they clock up twelve calculable months of employment in the calendar year. All months are considered in which they were entitled to remuneration on at least one calendar day. Part-time staff receive proportional benefit modules in accordance with their weekly period of work.

Apprentices and dual study programme students receive a benefit module for each full calendar year of their training amounting to 50 % of the benefit module valid for the respective calendar year in Benefit Group A.

Every year, on 1 January, the allocated benefit modules are raised by 2.5 %. Those which have already been allocated are not raised, meaning that every allocated benefit module remains stable and no longer changes. The balance of the pension account therefore consists of the sum of benefit modules accumulated in the respective calendar years.

What do I have to do to receive benefits when I become a pensioner?

At the start of retirement (when benefits are due), you must apply for an occupational pension. An application form is available from your responsible HR department or you can download it here – however, an informal request is sufficient.

Once you fulfil the prerequisites for claiming the occupational pension, you then decide whether to claim the accumulated benefit modules in an attractive lump sum, in up to seven yearly instalments, or as a monthly pension. For this purpose, you receive a letter and corresponding answer form from the Pension Service Office.

Please note
that no pension or capital payment is possible unless you decide how you want to be paid.

Who can I turn to for queries concerning my occupational pension?

Our Pension Service is always available for any queries you may have. In addition, your company pension adviser is available if you would like to discuss this in more detail.

The relevant contact details are here.


  • Employment under collective agreement since March 2016
  • Wage Group 3 in 2020
  • 38.5-hour working week (full time)
  • Sum of benefit module for the whole of
  • 2020 = € 943.77 (Benefit Group B from Benefit Module Table A)