Step-by-Step Instructions

Preparation of the identification process and generation of the 12-digit transaction number

  1. Install the POSTIDENT app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store  (iOS) on your smartphone or tablet..
  2. Hold a valid identity document with photo ready. 
    A list of accepted identity documents is available here  
  3. Hold the letter regarding the 2023 digital proof of life ready along with your personal QR code.

Please use only your personal QR code. Check carefully to verify that your name is printed under the QR code. If you use another person’s QR code, Renten Service will not be able to process your data and your annual proof of life will be deemed not to have been submitted.

If you receive more than one pension, more than one proof of life may be needed. Please provide a digital proof of life for each pension you receive, along with the respective personal QR code. Otherwise your proof of life will be deemed not to have been submitted and we will have to suspend payment of your pension.

4. Using the camera of your smartphone or tablet, please scan the personalized QR code located at the top right of your letter.

Note: Please do NOT use the POSTIDENT app for this.

5. Turn on the camera of your smartphone and point the camera at the QR code as if you want to take a picture. Important! Please do not photograph the QR code, just point the camera at the QR code.
The camera will automatically recognize the internet address contained in the QR code and offers you to switch to the POSTIDENT page. Please confirm that you want to be directed to the displayed internet address.



Note: After you have confirmed the change, in some cases you will be offered the choice between the “Postident” app and an Internet browser (in the example image this is “Chrome”). Please select the Internet browser here to access to the POSTIDENT login screen.

6. You will be directed to the POSTIDENT login screen. There, please enter your personal data in the spaces for First and middle names, Last name and E-mail. Please confirm this information by clicking on “Next”.

7. This starts the identification process and the 12-digit POSTIDENT transaction number is displayed.

8. You will receive a confirmation e-mail by POSTIDENT with the subject "Your identification for" to the e-mail address provided. This e-mail contains your transaction number and other important information.  This e-mail also contains a link to access the POSTIDENT process at any time until you have completed the identification process.

If you cannot find the e-mail in your inbox, please check the SPAM folder.   

Identification through POSTIDENT

  1. Your device will now offer to switch to the POSTIDENT app. Please confirm that you want to switch to the POSTIDENT app:
    You will now be led step-by-step through the identification process. 

    It can happen that when you switch to the POSTIDENT app, the 12-digit transaction number is not correctly transferred. In this case, please manually enter the transaction number that was displayed and sent to you by e-mail in the start mask of the POSTIDENT app and start the identification.

  2. Take a photo of the front and back of your valid, official photo identification document.
    Important note: Ensure that you have sufficient lighting and the data on your documents is easy to read.
  3. Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, record a short portrait video of your face.
    Important note: The background must be neutral and not include any personal items or other people.
  4. Confirm in the POSTIDENT app that all photos/videos can be sent to POSTIDENT for verification.
  5. The verification process will be completed within 24 hours.
    You will be notified of the results by e-mail from POSTIDENT. 
  6. POSTIDENT will automatically send the results of the ID check to Renten Service for further processing. You don't have to do anything else!

Processing the results file

  1. Renten Service will check if the identified person is the same as the pension recipient. 
  2. Following positive verification, proof of life is deemed to have been provided and the requirements for the continued payment of your pension will have been met.
  3. If the check is negative, you will receive letter mail from Renten Service with further instructions.