Postcard – What does it do?

With your POSTCARDS, you can pay for exactly the products and services you need every day to make handling your business mail even easier and more efficient-without cash. This includes stamps, Dialogpost and Postwurf items, as well as parcel and express items and much more...

Postkundin kauft Briefumschläge

Where can Postcards be used?

The POSTCARD and/or POSTCARD GOGREEN can be used for cashless payment in all participating retail outlets, bulk mail acceptance points and offices, the HIN+WEG service, with your mail or parcel carrier, at City Vertrieb and in the Shop der Deutschen Post, the Deutsche Post retail outlet on the Internet.

Postcards - customer cards or method of payment?

The POSTCARD is both a method of payment and a proof of identity. As a cashless method of payment, it reduces the cash holdings at your company. The POSTCARD is also equipped with a card limit to protect it against misuse. This card limit is the maximum amount that you, your employees or your service providers can spend per day to make cashless payments. You can reset this amount per day for both the POSTCARD and the POSTCARD GOGREEN and thus flexibly adapt the card to meet your needs. If a POSTCARD or POSTCARD GOGREEN is lost, or if an employee leaves the company, the POSTCARDS can be immediately blocked. POSTCARDS can also be provided with a PIN where this is required.

Postcards - make your expenditures transparent!

The amounts that you and your employees spend using POSTCARD are debited from your account that same day. If, for example, you would like to have different departments pay for your postal products from different accounts, simply fill out additional order forms. This gives you an overview of your current expenditures at all times.

Postcard GoGreen - Just a small contribution lets you participate in efforts to protect the climate

In addition to the advantages of a normal POSTCARD, the POSTCARD GOGREEN also offers the benefit that Deutsche Post will calculate the CO 2-emissions generated by the transport of mail items, advertising items and standard periodicals in order to be able to neutralize them in keeping with the Kyoto Protocol by means of climate protection projects.

Offsetting is certified by an independent certification company in accordance with ISO 14064. As long as the agreement on the use POSTCARD GOGREEN exists between you and Deutsche Post DHL, you can print the GOGREEN logo on your items. Our customer service department will send you the GOGREEN logo. No more than 50,000 mail items, advertising items and standard periodical per calendar year may be posted using POSTCARD GOGREEN.

Postcard GoGreen in Hand


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