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Postcard and Postcard GoGreen

Any business or small business customer can order POSTCARDS free of charge. The order form must be signed by someone who is an authorized signatory (Prokura) at the company. A maximum of 50,000 mail, advertising and standard periodical items may be posted per calendar year using the POSTCARD GOGREEN service.
The POSTCARD is a free service for business and small business customers. An annual fee of EUR 60.00 including statutory VAT is currently charged for the use of the POSTCARD GOGREEN service. You may print the GOGREEN logo on your items for the duration of the agreement. Our customer service department will send you the GOGREEN logo.
Potential misuse of the card can be limited by setting individual limits per card (a maximum amount per day).
No, there is no minimum amount that applies to the use of POSTCARDS .
Each POSTCARD/POSTCARD GOGREEN has an individual ID, for example the name of an employee or a department. You should make sure here that the ID is not a duplicate of an earlier ID.
You can order as many POSTCARDS as you wish for your company. There is no restriction on the amount.
The card limit of a card is the maximum amount that can be spent for cashless purchases per day using the card. You can freely select this amount and easily adapt it to meet your needs.
The amounts that you and your employees spend using POSTCARD are debited from your account that same day. This process creates transparency in your business.
POSTCARDS must always be presented during purchasing or posting. If you forget your POSTCARD , you will not be able to use it to pay without cash.
No, only if you request it. To do this, simply mark the appropriate field on the order form. To use the eFiliale, you will need a POSTCARD with a PIN.
You can order a PIN for any card. The PIN offers a higher level of security, since the conditions under which the card can be used are much more restricted.

Detailed information regarding how your data are processed when using your POSTCARD can be found here.