Our e-fleet can handle it – with less carbon!

  • World’s largest e-fleet
  • Sustainable delivery in 50% of our districts
  • 38,000 e-vehicles, 14,000 e-trikes by 2025

Sustainable with rail, gas-powered trucks and e-trucks

  • 12 million parcels monthly by rail
  • New service for private customer parcels
  • 350 new (bio)gas-powered trucks in 2023

GoGreen – sustainable dispatch

  • Proven GoGreen service for carbon offsetting
  • New: GoGreen Plus for carbon reduction
  • Actively manage and reduce carbon consumption

Sustainably better

As the world’s leading logistics company, we are keenly aware of our special responsibility for the climate. Social and ecological sustainability are an integral part of our strategy: for more than 10 years, we have sought and implemented sustainable solutions for the transport, sorting and delivery of letter mail and parcels. We develop and implement concepts that allow us to reduce carbon emissions in absolute terms.

 Rolling out sustainable transport solutions – for road and rail

  • 6% of parcels, or about 12 million parcels per month, are already carried by rail.
  • The new Bahntransport rail service allows private customers to actively work with us to reduce carbon emissions
  • The (bio)gas-powered truck fleet will grow to more than 350 in 2023.

 Sustainable building concept and carbon-neutral delivery bases

  • 95% green electricity in our production sites for many years now.
  • By 2025 we will operate a total of 280 carbon-neutral delivery bases.
  • The buildings are equipped with photovoltaics, heat pumps and building automation, and use biogas, geothermal energy and district heating
  • The 28,200 charging stations supply our fleet of electric delivery vehicles with power from photovoltaic arrays.

 Our e-fleet already enables 50% green delivery districts and 70% by 2025

  • The world’s largest fleet of electric commercial vehicles for mail and parcel delivery.
  • 23,000 e-vehicles, 13,500 e-trikes and 6,100 e-bikes enable sustainable delivery
  • Expansion to a total of 38,000 e-vehicles and 14,000 e-trikes by 2025

 Packstations: green parcel collection at locations with good transport links

  • Sustainable parcel collection at 11,500 locations in Germany; expansion planned to 15,000 locations 
  • Carbon emissions cut by about 30% compared to direct home delivery.
  • Locations with good transport links (train stations, supermarkets, etc.) reduce extra journeys.
  • App-driven Packstations use much less electricity; power is generated by solar panels.

 Sustainable products and services for carbon offsetting and avoidance

GoGreen Logo

Since 2007, GoGreen has enabled carbon offsetting of items:

  • Shipping-related emissions are offset by investments in certified climate protection projects worldwide.
  • GoGreen is used for private customer parcels, all letters and international advertising items and periodicals – anywhere in the world and without any extra charges.  
  • Business customers can book GoGreen for their parcels and their national advertising items and periodicals. 

Find out more: dhl.de/gogreen and deutschepost.de/gogreen

GoGreen Plus has been offering sustainably shipping based on avoiding emissions since 2022:

  • We are investing in additional reduction measures in our logistics network in Germany, for example by purchasing sustainable fuels and electric trucks. 
  • Private customers can book the GoGreen Plus recipient service for €3.79 for one year and receive all their parcels in a sustainable way. 
  • GoGreen Plus is an integrated part of the hybrid mail service with all E-POST entry products, and an optional service in the physical mail service with a partial service contract.  
  • Business customers can book GoGreen Plus for national merchandise shipping and dialog marketing/periodicals.

Find out more about GoGreen Plus in parcel services for business customers here.

Find out more about GoGreen Plus in mail services for business customers here.