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Collect the digital image of your crypto stamp at our partner

You already have the booklet - now head over to, our cooperation partner


If you were unable to scan the QR code of the Public-ID, you should nonetheless go to "Sammeln" at You will automatically be taken to the manual entry of the Public-ID at

Tip: Watch the second video "How do I access Collecting", which also explains the location of the booklet's Public-ID. Still have questions? For more information, click here.

What's next?

In the following 3 steps, you'll learn how to create your wallet, collect the image and store the NFT.

Please click on the respective graphic.

Do you still need the booklet or would like to have a wallet?

How do I access "Collecting," log in to or collect the digital image?

How do I link my wallet to or obtain my NFT?

Our cooperation partner: was founded in 2022 by PROxID and Royal Joh. Enschedé together with blockchain technology partners like Concordium and Polygon. is a platform at which collectors can purchase, collect and trade valuable crypto stamps worldwide.

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