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Letter mail and postcards – it couldn’t be easier

Designing, franking and sending your letter mail is now even easier

Print your own stamps

Get your stamps even faster: Pay online and print your stamps straight away – onto printer paper, labels or directly onto an envelope.

Select postage and print now:


Formats and weights

Your individual options for letter mail dispatch

Addressing your mail correctly – to ensure safe delivery

Your mail arrives faster when the address information can be read automatically. Please note the following when addressing an envelope:

  • Only write on the front of the envelope
  • Position the sender address at the top left, and recipient address at the bottom right
  • Stamps or other forms of franking, top right.

Adresses - a closer look


Format template – getting the postage right

Place the letter or postcard at the bottom left to ascertain the letter format. Then push the letter through the measurement slot to check the height/thickness. Now you know whether you are posting a Standard, Kompakt, Großbrief or Maxibrief letter item.

Order format template

Letter scales

Letter scales are not simply a device to measure the weight of letters: With a high-quality, shatterproof housing, MAULreflect scales score points visually with their slimline, elegant proportions, and during use with user-friendly single key operation.

Order letter scales

Ordering stamps and packaging materials online

Order all your letter dispatch requirements conveniently online: envelopes with stamps, mail pouches, boxes etc.

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