Mailing service: From idea to dispatch

With BESTSELLER MAIL, every mailing is individually designed to meet your goals and requirements. Even the scope of our service is oriented on your needs. Take advantage of our full mailing service package or request a partial service package (design or printing and dispatch).

Beratung und Planung

Advising and planning

We handle the planning and implementation of your advertising orders for you. We take care of all the details, from the first consultation to the on-time mailing of your items to your customers.

Contact a Deutsche Post Direct Marketing Center.

Our direct marketing experts will be happy to advise you personally!

Designing your mailing

Are you looking for something unique at a fixed price for your next mailing campaign?

With BESTSELLER MAIL, each mailing is produced in line with your individual goals and requirements. Our partner agencies handle the design and formulation of powerful messages for your advertising items. You can select either the full service package or the partial service offer, our design service.

Select one of two service packages


        Design service

         Full service package  


  • Individual design of layouts
  • Including images / visual elements
  • Text is produced by customer
  • One round of editing
  • Individual design of layouts and text
  • Including images / visual elements
  • Three round of editing

Creative partners

  • Pool of graphic designers (partners of Deutsche Post)
  • Local dialog agents (more than 100 partners in Germany)
Gestaltung Ihres Mailings

Druck und Versand Ihres Mailings

Printing and dispatch of your mailing

Deutsche Post certified printers handle the production of your mailing items using offset printing. Next, a letter shop commissioned by Deutsche Post personalizes and readies your advertising items for posting and then hands over the finished items for on-time dispatch by mail.

Our service team remains in close contact with our service providers and monitors the quality and deadlines of individual orders.

BESTSELLER MAIL can be combined with many different options to send your items -
nationally and internationally (e.g. DIALOGPOST, POSTAKTUELL and POSTWURFSPEZIAL...)

Do you have a print-ready mailing campaign and are you looking for high-quality fulfillment? All you need is BESTELLER MAIL!

We would be happy to draw up an individual offer for you.