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Here’s what your BESTSELLER MAIL items could look like

Creative examples for your industry.


Invitation to a company anniversary

Here’s how you can expand your circle of loyal customers:

  • The potential of your existing base of customers is tapped
  • Existing customers draw in new customers (customers recruit customers)

The task

  • Develop a dialog marketing concept for the company anniversary
  • Create an original advertising idea
  • Approach existing customers and acquire new customers

The solution

  • BESTSELLER MAIL full service package with creation and printing
  • Dispatch of an attractive folding postcard to existing customers with an invitation offering early access to a special sale
  • Existing customers can use the recommendation cards to invite other friends and acquaintances
  • Batch: 3,800 invitations, dispatch with DIALOGPOST

Mail-order retailing

Seasonal advertising campaigns

Incentives to buy for existing and new customers

The task

  • Conduct a sales campaign at the start of the school year at schools and educational facilities
  • Create incentives to buy for existing customers
  • Acquire new customers
  • Create a simple ordering process

The solution

  • Letter with select offers on the reverse side
  • Fax order form that can be filled out with additional special offers
  • All available space is used for displaying offers
  • Envelope with information on savings offers

What the customer said

"The three percent response rate has once again demonstrated that mailings are an important tool for us. It's the only way we can inform new and existing customers about what's new in the system and create incentives to buy with special offers."

Michael Aue, Eichner Organization GmbH & Co. KG, Coburg


Catalogue request cards for customers

Presentation of a new catalogue with booking incentives for customers who order directly

The task

  • Print and dispatch within the designated time frame
  • Customer's own design department develops the items

The solution

  • 4-page self-mailer with integrated response card for customers to request a catalogue
  • Offers that can be booked directly are integrated into the mailing
  • Bestseller Mail personally oversees production deadlines

What the customer said:

"For us, Bestseller Mail is the simply, uncomplicated and cost-effective way to make existing customers aware of the times when our products are available for booking. That's why we will continue to use the services of Deutsche Post for future projects."

Carola Walz, Head of Marketing/Public Relations/PRINTER CHALET

Home & Garden

Invitation to a customer event

Colorful advertising item that conveys excitement about an upcoming customer event

The task

  • Get organizational support from Deutsche Post experts
  • Get advertising advice
  • Work together with the customer's agency

The solution

  • Self-mailer with an integrated response card for easy answering
  • Bright and colorful item thanks to full-color envelope
  • Organization, management and deadline monitoring of the mailing campaign

What the customer said:

"We would like to say a big thanks to everyone at Deutsche Post who did such terrific work for us and were enormously helpful. The response rate has exceeded everything that we have done in the past."

Tanja Isabell Späth, Head of Marketing, Gartencenter Späth