Working time accounts

Social change and the need to extend working lifetimes require new solutions for structuring individual working lives.

The Renten Service manages over 39,000 working life accounts and unifies data from payrolls, financial service providers and the insured person's account. Our range of services extends from opening accounts to documenting investments and disbursements.

Our services

  • Set-up and adjustment of working time accounts
  • Transfer of amounts from the accumulation phase
  • Preparation of data for trade processes (capital investment)
  • Calculation of release periods from working time accounts and cancellation of working time accounts
  • Preparation and mailing of annual account statements for employees
  • Provision of information on working time accounts and reporting to the payroll department, trustees and other involved parties
  • Service hotline

Your advantages

  • Large-scale, proven solution for safeguarding the operational future of companies in Germany
  • Focusing HR resources on strategic tasks
  • Eliminating the need for investments
  • Competitive choice of providers for portfolio management enables cost benefits

Contact us directly to discuss the individual solutions best tailored to your needs.
These can include trustee models, plans managed by social partners or your own hotlines.
No matter what you need, we can help. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.