Private pension plans

Since 2002, Deutsche Post Renten Service has been successfully administering "Riester" contracts in compliance with legal requirements for banks, insurance providers and building and loan association societies.

As an experienced, specialized and competent partner, we offer individualized and system-based solutions for management of "Riester" allowances. We use highly efficient information technology to automate transactions wherever possible, thereby saving costs. We also offer you professional administrative processing. As a result, you need very few in-house resources to handle the complex issue of private pension product managements.

Our services

  • Annual preparation and postage-optimized mailing of allowance applications, account statements and certificates for allowance beneficiaries
  • Regular execution of allowance processing (communication with the "ZfA" and allowance beneficiaries)
  • Quarterly execution of payment and recovery processing for providers
  • Processing cases of misuse, such as allowances received without authorization
  • Management of provider switching, including reporting capital transfers
  • Handling of additional services:
    benefit notification procedures, new business, hotline for allowance beneficiaries, assistance filling out forms online, assistance filling out forms by phone, online portal, online archive

Your advantages

  • Simplification for providers through active implementation of the frequent changes in laws and directives, thereby ensuring on-time implementation of the product and its legal conformity.
  • Cost reduction by leveraging economies of scale in licensing, release and management costs for each policy
  • Increased cost transparency based on variable costs and elimination of the need for investments
  • Providers can focus on marketing the product

We will be glad to discuss how you can lastingly reduce your administrative expenses by achieving cost benefits through economics of scale.
Please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.