Company pension plans

Pension management

Deutsche Post Pension Service uses an SAP account settlement system to compute more than 135,000 company pensions each month in accordance with the current statutory provisions. In addition, we pay more than 1.3 million company pensions to pension recipients in Germany and abroad. With our specialized employees and systems, we offer all pension funds the option of transferring pension management to us. This allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Our services

  • Transfer or supplementation of existing master data and and execution of ongoing updates
  • Pension account settlement, including statutory reporting to the tax authorities and social insurance agencies as well as payment of the amounts due
  • Client-specific reporting and preparation of accounting records and wage type lists
  • Preparation of remuneration statements, including individual mailing services
  • Execution of payment transactions for domestic and foreign accounts, including reclamation management
  • Garnishment processing, determination of surviving dependents, pension adjustment, pension equalization
  • Dialogue with pensioners, e.g. by telephone or mail

Your advantages

  • Cost reduction by leveraging economies of scale, low personnel factor and license costs
  • Quality enhancement based on standardization and guaranteeing continuous processing of transactions by specialized Pension Service employees
  • Focusing your HR resources on strategic tasks
  • Avoiding investments
  • Implementation with the largest neutral provider of company pension plans in Germany

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