Company pension plans

Pension rights management and benefit calculation

Deutsche Post Renten Service manages more than 800,000 deferred benefits accounts for its customers involving all company pension plan models. Our systems supply all of the data needed by the finance and HR departments of pension providers promptly and precisely. We also calculate the amount of benefits for the beneficiaries. With our specialized employees and systems, we offer all pension funds the option of transferring pension rights management and benefit calculation to us. This allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Our services

  • Updating and maintaining the database of active employees with company pension plans and non-active beneficiaries with vested accounts
  • Annual amount updating and notification of existing benefits
  • Calculation and determination of claim bases
  • Benefit calculation when benefits fall due
  • Supplying data for actuarial calculation of provisions
  • Calculation and execution of pension equalization in the event of divorce
  • Service hotline

Your advantages

  • Cost reduction by leveraging economies of scale as well as through low personnel factor and license costs
  • Enhanced quality based on standardization and continuous processing of transactions by specialized Renten Service employees
  • Focusing your HR resources on strategic tasks
  • Eliminating the need for investments
  • Implementation with the largest neutral provider of company pension plans in Germany

We can find the best solution for you and customize it to your needs.
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