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Exclusive and colorful. Our new crypto stamp

Collect the limited edition "Kölner Dom" crypto stamp now and get your unique NFT in pink, blue, purple or yellow.

When you purchase the crypto stamp, you will receive the access data for the digital image as a non fungible token (NFT) directly with the self-adhesive stamp.

The new crypto stamp is limited to 100,000 pieces and is available in 4 different color variants with a matching NFT.

Price: 9,90 €1

Booklet Krypto-Briefmarke "Kölner Dom"

The crypto stamps are available in different designs and rarity levels. You will receive one of the four color variants at random when you order. The included self-adhesive stamp has always the same motif.

It is not possible to select a color variant when ordering.

NFT Pink
only 2.000 pieces

NFT Blue
only 10.000 pieces

NFT Purple
only 25.000 pieces

NFT Yellow
only 63.000 pieces

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4-er Presentation Pack
All four colors in a high-quality folder
Limited to 500 pieces

Price: 79,90 € 1

1Final price incl. VAT, plus shipping costs if applicable. Postage is VAT-exempt according to UStG.

Enter the world of collecting!

  • Purchase our crypto stamp
  • Install your MetaMask® wallet while you wait for your crypto stamp
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  • Set up your user account at and collect your digital stamps there
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  • Link your wallet with your user account at and create your NFT free of charge
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Have the crypto stamp ready to enter the PIN and/or the Public-ID.


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Orders can also be placed with our partner website Packaging and shipping of the crypto stamps is handled by the Weiden Shipping and Service Center of Deutsche Post., headquartered in Berlin, was founded in 2020 with the goal of marketing special stamps.

         was founded in 2022 by PROxID and Royal Joh. Enschedé together with blockchain technology partners like Concordium and Polygon. is a platform at which collectors can purchase, collect and trade valuable crypto stamps worldwide.