XML Postage Optimization of Infopost/Infobrief items within a workflow

The XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION is the official postage optimization as module for convenient integration in your workflow.
Using the XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION you will be able to integrate the reliable postage optimization of INFOPOST-MANAGER in your operation process without interaction during execution. All values, which have to be specified in INFOPOST-MANAGER via the various dialog windows (e.g. item format, postage payment type, production parameters etc.) have to be defined in an XML file. These values are passed together with the addresses' ZIP codes and country identifiers to the XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION module, which distributes the items to the various trays resp. bundles and, if appropriate, to the necessary pallets in a postage optimized order. In addition to that, the XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION delivers all documents required for posting such as the posting lists in PDF format and provides you with the items' production and packing sequence in a separate output file in XML format.

The XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION automatically guarantees that the maximum possible rebates are granted and can be perfectly used for producing mailshots in batch operation. Further details about the technical options of he XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION can be found here.

Running the XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION requires a Windows operating system.

In principle, you can test the complete functional range of the XML POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION via a personalized demo version.

XML Postage Optimization price

XML Postage Optimization EUR 4,300.00*
* Plus statutory VAT.
Please derive ordering information from this overview.

If you are interested in this solution or in a demo version, please contact us via E-Mail or phone +49 1805 334460 (14 Euro cents per minute or part thereof from a German landline; or a maximum of 42 Euro cents per minute or part thereof from a German mobile network). We are pleased to inform you about details or provide you on demand with additional information.