Frequently asked questions

What can I post using WARENSENDUNG?

You can post samples, specimens and articles of any kind that by their nature can be regarded as merchandise and measure less than 15cm in height and weigh less than 1kg. A wide range of things such as replacement parts, electronic devices, mobile telephone accessories, data carriers, textiles and household goods can be posted inexpensively as a WARENSENDUNG (merchandise shipment). Correspondence may not however be sent as a WARENSENDUNG item.

What am I allowed to enclose with a WARENSENDUNG merchandise item?

WARENSENDUNG was conceived exclusively for posting merchandise. An invoice and other accompanying documents may be enclosed with the merchandise.

What weight limits, dimensions and prices apply to WARENSENDUNG (merchandise shipments)?


Size Price Dimension
1,30 € *
L: 10 cm – 35,3 cm
W: 7 cm – 30 cm
H: up to 15 cm
Up to 50 g
2,20 € *
L: 10 cm – 35,3 cm
W: 7 cm – 30 cm
H: up to 15 cm
Up to 500 g
Maxi up to 5 cm
2,20 € *
L: 10 cm – 35,3 cm
W: 7 cm – 30 cm
H: up to 15 cm
Up to 1.000 g
Maxi up to 15 cm
2,35 € *
L: 10 cm – 35,3 cm
W: 7 cm – 30 cm
H: up to 15 cm
Up to 1.000 g

* Exempt from VAT under the Umsatzsteuergesetz (German VAT act).

Graduated discounts for the WARENSENDUNG sizes Groß (large) and Maxi

Discount per item* Groß (Large) Maxi
300 or more items per month 0,15 €  0,20 €
3,000 or more items per month 0,20 €  0,30 €
15,000 or more items per month 0,25 €  0,40 €

Subject to VAT. To be eligible, customers must have a contract with Deutsche Post and provide a posting list.

What requirements do I have to fulfil in order to receive a discount?

You have to fulfil the following requirements in order to benefit from discounts when you post WARENSENDUNG items:

  • You must be engaged in a trade or a business and
  • post a minimum of 300 WARENSENDUNG items in size Groß (up to 500g) or Maxi (up to 1,000g and 5cm or 15cm maximum height) per month; the volumes for the two sizes cannot be added together.
  • You must provide a posting list when you post them. Please conclude a corresponding contract with your local sales representative.
How can I become a contract customer?

You have to post a minimum of 300 WARENSENDUNG items in Groß (Large) and/or Maxi size per month. Please conclude a corresponding contract with your nearest sales representative.

Where can I post WARENSENDUNG items?

You can drop WARENSENDUNG items into a mailbox or post them at any of Deutsche Post’s retail outlets. Please ensure that ‘WARENSENDUNG’ is marked above the address. When you post your WARENSENDUNG items by dropping them in a mailbox, we recommend using pre-franked labels for WARENSENDUNG merchandise items, which you can order here.

How do I post WARENSENDUNG items?

When you post WARENSENDUNG items, they may not be sealed and must be marked ‘WARENSENDUNG’ above the address. When you post at least five WARENSENDUNG items at the same time which do not have the same content you may seal them. The inner packaging may be sealed if the contents are factory-packaged. Our employees are permitted to open WARENSENDUNG items and examine the contents to ensure that they meet the requirements for the respective WARENSENDUNG postage rate.

Pre-stamped WARENSENDUNG envelopes (Warenpacks) with a re-sealable closure flap ensure compliance with posting requirements and make dispatch easy. You can order Warenpacks here.

What can I use to close WARENSENDUNG items?

WARENSENDUNG items must be easy to open and reclose for inspection purposes when the posted volume is less than five items of the same kind. The following types of closure can be used for this:

  • Inserted flaps
  • Brass fasteners
  • Unknotted string
  • Rubber bands
  • Nylon Velcro fasteners
  • Split pins
  • Adhesive or re-sealable closures (the adhesive must allow the envelope or package to be opened and resealed without causing significant damage to the envelope or wrapping)
  • Pull strips
  • Point-wise dotted adhesive (in the case of larger items: multiple points and taping as well; the flap must always be on the inside so that it is easier to open without damage)
  • Closures that use perforation or corrugation, when, for example, the flap etc., that is created by opening the package can be glued closed or closed in some other way that secures the contents and the package can be transported

Please also note that you have to package the contents of WARENSENDUNG items in such a way that they are protected against damage.

How quickly will my WARENSENDUNG item be delivered?

WARENSENDUNG items are generally delivered no later than four working days following posting.

How will my WARENSENDUNG items be delivered?

Since some WARENSENDUNG items are too large for the recipient’s mailbox (which usually has a slot height of only 4cm compared to the maximum 15cm height allowed for WARENSENDUNG items) or the recipient was perhaps not at home, the procedure is the same as with parcels: the WARENSENDUNG item will be left with a neighbour or deposited at a postal outlet. A notification card is left to inform the recipient about the location of their WARENSENDUNG mail item. WARENSENDUNG items can also be delivered to a Packstation. WARENSENDUNG cannot be combined with special services such as Registered mail or cash on delivery.

How is it possible to reach so many recipients with WARENSENDUNG?

Since WARENSENDUNG is a postal product, it is delivered by our deliverers. As a result, you benefit from high recipient accessibility because our deliverers know nearly every address and have access to multi-unit mailboxes in blocks of flats, plus they deliver WARENSENDUNG mail to Packstations.

How does delivery to a Packstation work?

Delivery to a Packstation is a convenient option when a WARENSENDUNG item is too large (maximum allowable height: 15cm) to fit into a private mailbox. Just like with parcels, large-sized WARENSENDUNG items can also be delivered directly to a Packstation in the recipient’s vicinity at no extra cost. The specific Packstation must be listed as the delivery address when the order is made. This however requires that the recipient be a registered user of the particular Packstation. Further information regarding Packstation service and how you can offer your customers this service is available here.

Is it possible to combine WARENSENDUNG with other special mail services?

With the exception of PREMIUMADRESS, it is not possible to combine WARENSENDUNG with other services from our product portfolio. When a WARENSENDUNG item cannot be delivered to the specified address, the recipient is notified or the item is forwarded to the current address as a matter of course. With PREMIUMADRESS you can quickly and easily update addresses digitally.

Do WARENSENDUNG items have to meet specific packaging requirements??

No. As long as the size and weight requirements are met, you can use your own packaging or convenient, pre-stamped Warenpack packaging to send your WARENSENDUNG items. However, according to the general terms and conditions of Deutsche Post AG for DOMESTIC MAIL services, the merchandise must be packaged securely to protect it against damage. In other words, if necessary you should use a padded envelope or fill material to protect the contents whilst being transported. Being a contract customer you can also use bag-like outer packaging that meets the size requirements.

How are WARENSENDUNG items franked?

You can use nearly any of the commonly available forms of franking to frank your WARENSENDUNG items. If you would like greater convenience, you can use the pre-franked labels or pre-stamped Warenpacks for your WARENSENDUNG items. Or you can post your WARENSENDUNG item at a Deutsche Post retail outlet and have it franked there.

Where can I buy labels or Warenpacks for WARENSENDUNG items?

These materials make posting WARENSENDUNG items simpler and can be ordered in sets of various sizes (labels in packages of 12 or 60, pre-stamped Warenpacks in sets of 10 or 50). You can order them here or by fax from Post Office Catalogue on +49 1802 46867 (€0.14 per minute or part thereof for calls from a German landline; a maximum of €0.42 per minute or part thereof for calls from a German mobile network). In addition you will soon be able to order them in the Shop der Deutschen Post, Deutsche Post’s online retail outlet.

Where can I find more information about posting larger volumes of WARENSENDUNG items?

Our business customer hotline on +49 1806 555555 is available to answer questions about posting large volumes. It can be reached from 07:00 to 20:00, Mondays to Saturdays (except on public holidays that are observed throughout Germany) and costs €0.20 per call from a German landline and a maximum of €0.60 per call from a German mobile network.