Fast, affordable and transparent dispatch for your small-sized goods

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How WARENPOST can benefit you

By using WARENPOST to send smaller items of merchandise or goods, you reduce your dispatch costs. Your mail items are usually delivered the very next day and, thanks to shipment tracking, you will always keep track of your goods.

Increase your level of customer satisfaction by having your merchandise and goods delivered quickly and reliably – and make use of the cost advantage WARENPOST offers.

Warenpost für Kleinversender

Shorten the path to success – the correct use of Warenpost

Send small items quickly and easily with WARENPOST.

WARENPOST at a glance:

  • Item tracking
  • Up to 1,000g
  • Maximum dimensions: length 353mm, width 250mm, thickness 50mm
  • Minimum volume: 200 items per year
  • Basic price € 2.80/item (plus value added tax (VAT))
  • Delivery usually within one working day after posting
  • Attractive discount models


Warenpost is available to customers who ship 200 items or more per year. Prices subject to shipment volumes; from 200 shipments at a cost of € 2.80 (plus VAT)/item.

Using Warenpost

In order to use WARENPOST it is first necessary to conclude a contract.

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It’s easy as one, two, three

Schritt 1: Frankierung

Simple franking

  • Buy your Produktmarke/ Internetmarke Internetmarke stamps online at the Deutsche Post shop
  • Information on how to integrate the Internetmarke stamp in into your e-commerce systems
  • Information on IT-postage
  • Information on franking machines
Schritt 2: Einlieferung der Warenpost

Flexible posting options

Hand your prepaid shipments over at a retail outlet or bulk mail center or, for up to 20 shipments, you can use a mailbox.

Alternatively, Deutsche Post’s pick-up service is available for your shipments on request

Schritt 3: Sendungsverfolgung

Never lose track

Find out about the various shipment tracking solutions here.

Schritt 4: Zustellung

Speedy delivery

Shipments are usually delivered on the next working day throughout Germany. Convenient handover of shipments via


What can I send with WARENPOST?

WARENPOST mail items may contain merchandise or goods. Addressed, written messages (letters) may be enclosed only if they concern the content of the mail item.

What do I have to observe when posting a WARENPOST item?

You may seal your mail items before posting them. Deutsche Post is however permitted to open them for inspection purposes.

The type of franking you use determines the posting point where you hand over your WARENPOST items:

Please post items with IT franking at a Deutsche Post bulk mail acceptance office.

Items franked with Frankit can be dispatched at retail outlets or bulk mail acceptance offices.

When you use the Internetmarke or Produktmarke stamp you also have the option of simply dropping your WARENPOST items into a post box (if they fit through the opening).
When posting more than 500 items, please co-ordinate the process with your point of contact at Deutsche Post and, if necessary, arrange special cut-off times.

Tours to collect your items are invoiced separately.

How does tracking work with WARENPOST items?

WARENPOST items are scanned in Deutsche Post’s mail sorting centres.

Items that have been forwarded to the delivery system after having been scanned at a mail sorting centre and are not re-scanned as ‘returned’ following the delivery round are categorised as delivered (proof of delivery).

Click here to go to the item tracking page (no legal guarantee regarding the delivery event and no liability).

Customers who use IT franking or franking machines have the option of receiving information regarding item status via a web service or CSV file.

Additional information can be found in the guide.

Which dimensions are permissible for WARENPOST items?

The packaging may be no larger than 28 × 35 × 5 cm. The ‘folded shirt’ format can be approved for items that contain textiles and accompanying documents.

Such items may not be packaged in cardboard. They may only be packaged in plastic bags.
Please contact our sales employees regarding this before you post your items.

What options are available for franking WARENPOST items?

Each posting must already be franked when handed over. Various Deutsche Post products can be used for this: IT franking, Internetmarke stamps, Produktmarke stamps and FRANKIT. Franking with postage stamps or in a retail outlet is not possible.

Is it possible to mail dangerous good with WARENPOST?

WARENPOST items may not contain any type of dangerous goods. When a special permit is issued, these items are subject to labelling requirements and there are no transit time guarantees.

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