Werbeversand (promotional mailing)

How potential readers become subscribers

Impress potential subscribers with original copies hot off the press or a sample extract of your magazine.


Including an extract in your WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) is a real gift for the recipient. And it's a cost-effective way for you to gain new subscribers for your magazine since you can save up to 74 percent on your shipment compared to the regular shipping costs for POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCK (preferred periodicals).

There are numerous options available:

  • Individual mailing: Send your magazine together with a response form to potential subscribers.
  • Double mailing: Subscribers win over subscribers Use satisfied readers as multipliers. Your subscribers receive an additional copy with a letter and response form to be passed on to a potential subscriber.
  • Cross-selling mailing: Together with their regular copy, the subscribers receive a copy of another title with a letter and response form.


You can find answers to frequently asked questions on WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) here:


To whom may I send a magazine using WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing)?

WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) can only be used to win over new subscribers. Regular or occasional purchasers cannot be recipients. An additional dispatch volume must therefore be posted.

Can customer magazines or member newsletters be sent using WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing)?

WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) only applies to the dispatch of POSTVERTRIEBSSTÜCKEN (preferred periodicals), such as consumer or trade magazines, for which a corresponding agreement has been concluded with Deutsche Post Presse Distribution. It can be the magazine to be advertised itself (original magazine) or a sample extract.

What may be the object of the WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing)?

A WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) can be sent as the original magazine (current or older edition) or as a sample extract.

How often can I send the WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing)?

The number of possible mailings per year is based on the magazine’s frequency of publication (maximum half-yearly frequency of publication).

Is there a minimum dispatch quantity for the WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing)?

At least 1,000 additional copies per mailing must be sent.

What else needs to be taken into consideration?

Each shipment sent as WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) must contain a response form for gaining new subscribers.

How is WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) billed?

WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing) is billed together with the other Presse Distribution services. The payment is made by direct debit.

How does “Subscribers win over subscribers” work with WERBEVERSAND (promotional mailing)?

Your subscriber receives an additional magazine or a sample extract together with his copy or separately at a later time, along with a letter and a response form. The subscriber can pass this issue to interested relatives, friends or acquaintances. Unlike with advertising using referral cards, there is no premium here. Instead, your recommendation and your power of persuasion alone are what counts.


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