Postwurfsendung - advertising with unaddressed items

You do not need addresses to run a distribution campaign with Postwurfsendung items. With Postwurfsendung items you can distribute unaddressed advertising items to all* households in Germany.

Deutsche Post delivers your Postwurfsendung items from individual parts of towns and cities to all addresses in Germany. We can distribute your brochures precisely on target all over Germany, to a high quality.

* Items are of course not delivered to those who refuse advertising.

With simple target selection and standardised bundling you can create your dispatch documents in only a few steps. Read more.

Prospektservice offers you professional software solutions regarding Postwurfsendung items.

Optimised Postwurfsendung items - distribution to specific target groups to win new customers.

Micro-geographical data enable Postwurfsendung items to be distributed to specific target groups, based on our delivery districts. The ideal way to target and approach potential new customers. Read more.

Combine Postwurfsendung items with business replies.
With Werbeantwort (business replies) as the response element you can quickly monitor success and win address material at a low cost. This way you can later send address mail-shots.

Simple. Quick. Cheap.

Dispatch your advertising Letters in four easy steps with the new MAILINGFACTORY.