Security for all processes

Deutsche Post is an experienced partner for identity verification solutions. Security, privacy, compliance with the Money Laundering Act, and specifications of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority are very important for Deutsche Post. Through new technologies and the market-oriented development of our services for identity management, we reliably ensure these requirements.

POSTIDENT – respects legal and data protection requirements

Different legal requirements come into effect for Deutsche Post POSTIDENT processes, depending on the particular process in question. These include the German Money Laundering Act, the eIDAS Regulation, Section 154 of the German Tax Code, as well as the German Digital Signature Ordinance.

For companies that are subject to the Money Laundering Act, certain duties of care that must be taken into account in when concluding contracts in order to optimise the prevention of money laundering.

These duties include verifying the identity of contract partners before justifying a business relationship.

The following identity verification procedures comply with the specifications of the identity verification procedures compliant with the Money Laundering Act in accordance with §154 of the Tax Code:


The driver's license verification in the POSTIDENT by photo was classified as harmless by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

At Deutsche Post, the protection of your privacy is a major concern:

The identifying data collected through the POSTIDENT process will remain confidential and will only be provided to the corporate customers who have requested the identity verification. The data is stored in accordance with the deadlines contractually agreed upon by the corporate customers.

Legally secure digital signatures

Since July 2016, the EU "eIDAS" Regulation, in addition to other trust services, has set the European standard for legally valid digital signatures (qualified electronic signatures, QES for short). A digital signature that complies with the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation, which applies in all EU member states, is deemed legally equivalent to a handwritten signature and can be used in all transactions where the legislator does not explicitly require a handwritten signature on a physical document. Deutsche Post has undergone the comprehensive eIDAS auditing process and has received Bundesnetzagentur (German Federal Network Agency) accreditation as a "qualified trust services provider". This means that by using video chat, our POSTIDENT E-Signing and POSTIDENT processes meet the strictest requirements and offer you a legally secure, easy-to-use digital signature solution.


Eliminate the possibility of money laundering, counterfeiting, and fraud

ID scan and matrix codes for fast and reliable scanning and inspection

Matrixcode on form
  • Exclusion of form counterfeiting through matrix code on each POSTIDENT form
Matrixcode on coupon
  • Coding of the personal data that the end customer has entered in the portal
ID readers at retail outlets
  • Introduction of ID readers to help check the authenticity of ID documents. Until all retail outlets nationwide are equipped with ID readers, the ID scan used to date will continue to be available.

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