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Digital identification on the POSTID portal

  • Obtain digital identifying data faster
  • Your customer selects the preferred identity verification process
  • Simple connection process

Identity verification made as easy as possible

The POSTID portal is the new identity verification platform of Deutsche Post. Your customers can identify themselves in the manner of their choosing.

If you are connected to the POSTID Portal as a corporate customer, you will receive your data on demand and digitally.

End users will be provided with a POSTID when verifying their identities. With this, they can apply their identity for further identity verification processes that do not require compliance with the Money Laundering Act directly in the POSTID portal.

This is how the identity verification process works in the case of digital connection to the POSTID portal

The benefits of access to the POSTID portal

  • Increased conversion of online customers by allowing seamless identity verification
  • Expanded services for online customers through new identity verification processes and applications
  • High security through continual compliance with privacy policies as well as data storage exclusively in Germany
  • Cost advantages through simple digital process chains and integrated services
  • Fast electronic data redelivery via information portal or automatic interface
  • Investment security through connection to an interface for current and future identity verification processes
  • Increased data quality through QR code on POSTIDENT form

POSTID offers on-demand identity verification solutions for various applications

POSTID portal pikto

  • Age verification for the activation of age-restricted content such as video-on-demand and online gaming
  • Identity verification for registering in online tournaments or leagues
  • Improvement of account security (e.g. identity verification for password resets)
  • Positioning as a trusted provider of P2P services
  • Increased value of the services through trusted identity verification
  • Identity verification as a condition for registration in health portals
  • Instant activation of access to online offices
  • Identity verification as a prerequisite for signing a mobile phone contract
  • Direct delivery of mobile phones without the need to verify identity at the door
  • Identity and driver’s licence checks for convenient registration with mobility services (e.g. car sharing, rental cars, fleet management)
  • Higher conversion thanks to identity verification being available anywhere and at any time

ID card: a customised dataset from POSTID

Corporate customers select an ID card and receive a customised dataset from the data stored by POSTID. This can be obtained in real time from the digital interface. The service is immediately available to the end customer. The ID card is available in different versions. From age checks (e.g. for verification of legal age) to complete identity checks.


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