POSTIDENT via video chat

The video chat POSTIDENT process allows your customers to verify their identities online via their computer or app quickly and easily with a Deutsche Post call centre agent. This process is compliant with the  Money Laundering Act. 

This is how the online video identification works

Schritt 1

Start the identity verification process on your website

Transfer customers from your website to the identity verification process on the POSTID portal.

Schritt 2

Select POSTIDENT via video chat

Input personal data and select the identity document to be provided

Schritt 3

Video chat

With the help of a webcam, a call centre agent from Deutsche Post will use the Video-Ident procedure to securely check the identifying data and take photos of the customer.

Schritt 4

Provision of identifying data

By entering an SMS TAN, the identity verification process is confirmed and completed.

POSTIDENT via video chat at a glance

  • Seamless online applications
  • Can be done at any time and from anywhere via PC or app
  • Our call centre agents can be reached daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • The video identification with POSTIDENT takes only a few minutes
  • Immediate electronic delivery of identifying data

Amazing! POSTIDENT via video chat wins the German leading CCV Quality Award

Video chat identification using a Web Browser

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

  • Microphoe
  • Web cam
  • Mobile phone for TAN reception
  • Browser capable of real-time web-based communication
  • ID (passport or identity card) with hologram

Video chat identification on Smartphones / Tablet Devices

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

  • Smart phone with iOS or Android
  • POSTIDENT by video chat app
  • Stable Internet connection
  • ID (passport or identity card) with hologram

With the POSTIDENT app, your customers can now conveniently and easily identify themselves to a call centre employee of Deutsche Post AG from home or on the road in just a few minutes.

Our Video-Ident procedure is secure and meets the legal requirements for identify verification. It takes just three easy steps that can be completed in no more than five minutes:

  1. In the POSTID portal, your customer selects identity verification via the POSTIDENT app and will then receive a transaction number.
  2. Your customer downloads the POSTIDENT app and enters the transaction number.
  3. Your customer will then be guided through the identity verification process by an employee of Deutsche Post.

our customer can easily download the POSTIDENT app from the App Store or Play Store.

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