POSTIDENT by post office

This procedure allows your customers to identify themselves safely and reliably in our nationwide network of retail outlets. In order to afford you, as a business customer, even more security in this process, we will be launching ID readers at our retail outlets as of the fourth quarter of 2016. POSTIDENT via postal retail outlet is also available to you when connecting digitally to the POSTID portal. The procedure is compliant with the German Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz).

This is how the identity verification via post office works

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

  • Present POSTIDENT coupon
  • Valid ID document with a photograph and signature of the person to be identified (identity card, passport, foreign identity card corresponding to the German ID).
  • If necessary: If required: documents in a sealed envelope which must be returned to the requester.

Improved quality in the case of digital connection to the POSTID portal

Fields filled in by the customer in the POSTID portal are encrypted by a matrix code printed on the POSTIDENT coupon. The matrix code can be read in the post office and the fields automatically completed.

The advantages of POSTIDENT through a post office:


For the identity verification you receive a charged volume.

For digital connection to the POSTID portal, you will benefit from more favourable pricing as well as free electronic access to the identifying data collected.

Additional services for more efficiency

The completeness and logic test in detail

  •  Checks for completeness Are all mandatory fields completed?
  • Plausibility checks
  • Validation of date
  • Comparison of the location against a database

These checks do not include checks of the content provided.

With POSTIDENT by post office, you pay for the provision of scanned data an additional rate.

The advantages in detail:

  • You, the client, electronically receive the data recorded at the retail outlet along with an image of the ID document, usually on the same day.
  • You can thus be certain that the data provided was actually collected by in the course of an identity verification process at a Deutsche Post branch.
  • The electronic provision of data helps you keep track of upcoming deliveries and whether your customer has verified his or her identity.

In the case of POSTIDENT in post offices with digital portal access, the provision of data is already included in the basic fee.

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