POSTIDENT by postman

With this process, your customers’ identities are directly verified by a Deutsche Post mail carrier.

This is how the identification via postman works

POSTIDENT - Piktogramm Postbote

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

  • Valid ID document with a photograph and signature of the person to be identified (identity card, passport, foreign identity card corresponding to the German ID)
  • If the person to be identified is not at home, he or she will receive a notification card that must then be presented at the post office. The person to be identified must appear in person; this process cannot be done by a third party.

The advantages of POSTIDENT by postman

  • Collect relevant data from the ID
  • Customer signature is obtained
  • Can be attached to shipments to the customer
  • Nationwide delivery network
  • Quick return of the identity verification forms
  • Increased security against counterfeiting and fraud


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Additional services for more efficiency

Details of the completeness and logical checks

  • Checks for completeness Are all mandatory fields completed?
  • Plausibility checks
  • Validation of date
  • Comparison of the location against a database

These checks do not include checks of the content provided.

For POSTIDENT by postman, the provision of scan data is already included in the basic fee.  

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