POSTIDENT by eID of the German national identity card

The online POSTIDENT process using the eiD of German national identity card allows your customers to verify their identities online quickly and easily with their new ID cards. This process is compliant with the Money Laundering Act.

This is how online identification works with the new ID card (eID)

Start der Identifizierung

Start the identity verification process online

Transfer customers online from your side to the identity verification process on the POSTIDENT portal.

Wahl POSTIDENT durch Online-Ausweisfunktion

Select POSTIDENT by eID of German national identity card

Choice between identification via desktop or Smartphone

Via desktop: automatic redirection to and start of Ausweis2App website*

Via Smartphone: start of the POSTIDENT App

Übermittlung der Daten

User commitment

Data is shown which is extracted and needed for identification. Customer agreeing secured data transfer of displayed information by entering personal 6-digit PIN of the eID**

Bereitstellung der Identifizierungsdaten

Provision of identifying data

Data provided electronically via the information portal or an automatic data interface.

*software privided by service company (Governikus) of the German Federation
** provided by the Bürgeramt (citizen service)

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

via POSTIDENT App for Smartphones:

  • activated NFC (Near Field Communication) of the Smartphone
  • German identity card or German electronical residence permit (date of creation dated after March 2013) with activated eID-functionality
  • 6-digit PIN of the eID-functionality
  • stable internet connection

via desktop:

  • smartcard reading device certified and authoritized by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security)
  • AusweisApp2 of the German Federation
  • German identity card with activated eID-functionality
  • 6-digit PIN of the eID-functionality
  • up to date Internet browser and stable internet connection

The advantages of POSTIDENT through German national identity card:

  • Seamless identity verification on customers’ own computer or via Smartphone with NFC of your customer
  • Receive relevant data from the ID after customers commitment
  • Fast and electronic delivery of identifying data
  • More about data transfers


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