POSTIDENT by photo

With the POSTIDENT online procedure through photo, your customers can identify themselves quickly via scanned images of their identifying documents and portraits. Effective immediately, POSTIDENT can also be used to check scanned copies of your customer's driver’s licence.

This is how the online photo identification works.

Start der Identifizierung

Start the identity verification process on your website

For identity verification, the customer is redirected from your site to the POSTIDENT portal.

Wahl POSTIDENT durch Foto

Select POSTIDENT by photo

The documents and a short video clip of your customer’s face are prepared and the data is transferred to the POSTID portal to be checked.


Successful transfer of data

After the successful transfer of data to the POSTID portal, the customer will be returned to your website.


Document review and data provision

In the background, the document is checked by professionally trained call centre agents. The identifying data will be automatically transferred to you.

The advantages of POSTIDENT by photo

The identification and ID card data are checked by call centre agents

  • Can be done anywhere seamlessly with a laptop or PC
  • Can also be done via smartphone or tablet
  • Identification by professionally trained call centre agents of Deutsche Post AG
  • Inspection of driver’s licence documents

Via web application

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

  • Web cam and webcam-compatible browser
  • ID (passport or ID card) with optical security features
  • Driver’s license (depending on the application)

Via app

Customer prerequisites to using this process:

  • Smart phone with iOS or Android
  • ID (passport or ID card) with optical security features
  • Driver’s license (depending on the application)

With the POSTIDENT app, your customers can now identify themselves easily and conveniently from home or on the go in just a few minutes.

The identification procedure is legally compliant, secure, and works in three easy steps.

  • In the POSTIDENT portal, your customer selects identification per POSTIDENT app and will then receive a transaction number.
  • Your customer downloads the POSTIDENT app and enters the transaction number.
  • Your customer will then be guided through the identity verification process.

Your customer can easily download the POSTIDENT app from the App Store or Play Store.


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