The POSTIDENT process at a glance

Our POSTIDENT identification process makes Deutsche Post Germany's leading provider.

In addition to the well-known offline POSTIDENT process, we also offer online customer identification and verification.

POSTIDENT enables the creation of legally secure digital signatures - use POSTIDENT E-Signing to conclude multiple contracts in a simple, secure and paperless way.

POSTIDENT identification and verification at a glance

POSTIDENT complies with GWG regulatory requirements - both offline and online. Use of POSTIDENT and validated identities brings a range of security benefits:



Mobility Telecommunications Health
Using POSTIDENT Online and offline, GwG-compliant identification via the POSTIDENT portal can be used, among other things, to open an online account Verification of driving licenses or ID documents for secure registration with mobility services, such as car sharing. Personalized activation of pre-paid SIM cards following identification verification via video chat or at a retail outlet Secure verification and access to sensitive health services and data
By post office  
By video chat  
By eID    
By photo
Signature via E-Signing      

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