An overview of the POSTIDENT process

The POSTIDENT identity verification process makes Deutsche Post the leading provider of identity verification services in Germany.

With our infrastructure, we can both online and the familiar offline POSTIDENT processes to your customers.

The POSTIDENT processes compared

The table outlines the essential features of the identity verification process. 


By video


By photo

By German  


identity card

By post office
By postman

By postman and

signing of


Compliant with the
Money Laundering Act
Customer documents returned     As uploads or by post    
Customer documents attached        
Customer signatures collected       On paper forms2)
Driver’s licences verified          
Hard copies of identifying documents1)
    Optional attachments
Electronic copies of identifying documents1)
Optional branch and scan data
Optional scan data Optional scan data

1) With customer documents attached as necessary
2) For defined purposes such as collecting consents to terms and conditions or direct debit authorisations

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