POSTIDENT E-Signing allows your customers to sign contracts digitally using a legally secure and approved process. Deutsche Post is an officially recognized trust service provider in line with the eIDAS Regulation

How the digital signature works with POSTIDENT E-Signing:

Prozessschritt 1: Start des Online Vertragsabschlusses auf Ihrer Website

Initiate contract conclusion on your website

To initiate the process, redirect your customer, along with the customer's data and the documents to be signed, to the POSTIDENT portal.

Prozessschritt 2: Identifizierung mit POSTIDENT durch Videochat

Identity verification POSTIDENT via video chat

To verify the digital signature, a call center agent will verify the customer's ID document via video chat. 

Prozessschritt 3: Digitale Unterschrift durch SMS-TAN

Digital signature by SMS-TAN

After checking the contract documents online, your customer uses a SMS-TAN to legally sign the contract.

Prozessschritt 4: Dokumentenweiterleitung und Download

Document transfer and download

The digitally signed documents are sent to you automatically and are made available to your customer for download.

The advantages of digital signatures with POSTIDENT E-Signing

  • Online contract signing leads to higher conversion rates
  • Easy to use and accessible from anywhere - mobile or via PC
  • Signing process also possible for more than one person (e.g., shared bank accounts)
  • High level of legal certainty: Deutsche Post is an officially recognized trust service provider in line with the eIDAS Regulation, satisfying the legal written form requirement
  • One single provider for GwG*-compliant verification and electronic signature process
* Money laundering law

E-Signing via web application

Customer requirements:

  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Mobile phone for receiving SMS-TAN
  • Browser with WebRTC plugin (e.g. Firefox or Chrome)Web Real-Time Communication -> ermöglicht Echtzeitkommunikation
  • ID (passport or ID card) with holographic security features

E-Signing via mobile phone

Customer requirements:

  • Mobile phone (iOS or Android)
  • POSTIDENT App for identification
  • Stable internet connection
  • ID (passport or ID card) with holographic security features
Per Mobiltelefon

By using the POSTIDENT App, your customer can be identified from anywhere, from home or on the road, by a call center agent - in just a few minutes!

POSTIDENT via video chat is legally compliant and secure - it takes just a few minutes and is completed in three simple steps:

  1. In the POSTIDENT portal, your customer selects identification via POSTIDENT App and is given an order number.
  2. Your customer enters the order number into the POSTIDENT App.
  3. The customer is then led through the identification process by a call center agent.

Your customer can download the POSTIDENT App from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android).

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