Infopost national - the efficient way to advertise your products by mailing

Send addressed advertising and catalogs to your customers at a special low price with INFOPOST!

New prices for INFOPOST valid from July 1st 2014. Please find all information and calculations here.


You can send written communication, documents and other media such as CDs/DVDs as INFOPOST items. Free samples, product samples, promotional items and inserts (items from different senders) can also be included. In accordance with a decision by the Bundesnetzagentur (German network agency) payment requests with the same content (e.g., invoices and reminders) cannot be sent as INFOPOST items. Merchandise is also not allowed, except for books (including audio books), brochures, newspapers and magazines.

Identical contents

The content must be identical with regard to

  • the number and nature,
  • the design and format of the envelop and
  • the number and value of postage stamps used (only in conjunction with sender stamping and FRANKIERSERVICE).

You can find details in the product brochure.

Minimum quantities and sorting

Quantity Sorting
4,000 items or according to postal code in ascending / descending sequence
250 items or according to region (first two places of postal code agree) in ascending / descending sequence
50 items according to routing area (sequence of postal codes) of the posting office in ascending and descending sequence (for example, routing area Bonn with postal code sequence 53000 to 53359)


Use VarioPlus to give individualize your items if they...

  • are used to prompt a direct purchase or
  • promote (free) merchandise and (free) services or
  • are used to solicit donations.

This is the perfect way to reach different target groups and produce an even greater advertising effect. Further information about VarioPlus can be found in the product brochure.


Let Infopost Manager Deutsche Post's convenient software application, help you prepare your INFOPOST items for dispatch.

Your direct mail on the Internet

ADRESSDIALOG is a progressive cross-media service for simple online business replies and the continuation of direct mail campaigns on the Internet. The addressee will find a personal code in the direct mail item. When the code is entered on the Internet, the addressee is personally welcomed. The fields in the form have already been filled in with address information. That makes answering easy and leads to a significantly higher response rate. The evaluation can be completed online and offers tables, diagrams, analyses, and downloads in real time. This service won the World Mail Award in the field of eCommerce (London 2007) and was awarded the seal of quality for data processing from the Deutsche Dialogmarketing Verbandes 2008 (German Dialog Marketing Association). Prices and additional information can be found at

Please take time to read the information on prices, formats, dimensions and weights. More detailed information about INFOPOST can be found in the product brochure.