Optimize the receipt and dispatch of your mail.

Pick-up and delivery service

Bring- und Abholservice

HIN+WEG: we bring and pick-up your mail at a time agreed with you in advance.

Flexible business address

Flexible Geschäftsadresse

Post office box: your incoming mail is ready for pick-up early - protected from unauthorized access.

Cashless payments

Cashless payments

POSTCARD: a convenient and secure way to pay for services provided by Deutsche Post.

All services

This is where you will find the dispatch service that suits you:

Personal & secure
Registered items
Electronic signature
Formal delivery orders

Incoming mail
Pick-up and delivery service (HIN+WEG)
Redirection and Storage service
Post office box

Outgoing mail
Pick-up and delivery service (HIN+WEG)

Cashless payments

Updating addresses
Sender's mail instructions

Delivery services
Electroreturn (returning end-of-life electronic and electrical equipment)
Fotopost (for photo finishers)

Carrying out mailings

Full service or via an online order: we carry out your mailings.