Dialog-Manager – managing customer data and exploiting potentials

DIALOG-MANAGER is a convenient CRM software for effectively retaining and gaining customers. More success through precise dialog.

The current version 5.1 is available since 24.11.2014!

Using Dialog-Manager you will be able to optimize your sales process and thus to increase your turnover. This tool will support you in getting an unexpected transparency over your contacts. As soon as the phone rings, Dialog-Manager provides you with all relevant caller information. You know, who recently talked to the caller, when and where the last meeting took place and which letters and e-mails have been sent. With a single button click all related documents can be conveniently read. You will become able to react in time and you will no longer forget any follow up action. Target groups can be defined as easy as you never experienced before.

Dialog-Manager assists you in working out your mail shot: No duplicate cover letters, correct addresses, precise salutations, minimum postage and many more. Success control becomes child's play with the response acquisition module.

Subsequent advertising jobs can be based on the responses of the previous activities: For instance; you can address yes men, no men and no responders each with proper contents. Personalized bulk e-mails are created within seconds. A specialized word processor is integrated in order to generate felicitous cover letters.

Using the appointment wizard, the organization of your date book becomes minor matter. Tasks can be easily and reasonably delegated.

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Please derive the complete feature set from the feature list.

Dialog-MANAGER works with the operating systems Windows 2000 and XP. Please read about the changes and improvements of the various versions in the version history.

Dialog-Manager prices

Stand-alone version € 249.00*
Network licenses from € 280.00*
* Plus statutory VAT.

A detailed price overview can be found here. Dialog-MANAGER can be ordered via our online order form.

We will be pleased to answer special questions. Just contact us online or call us at 0180 5 334460. (14 Euro cents per minute or part thereof from a German landline; or a maximum of 42 Euro cents per minute or part thereof from a German mobile network) We will be happy to inform you about more details and provide you with additional information, if desired.