DIALOGPOST – changes as of January 1, 2020

Important and useful information regarding product changes starting 2020 – provided in a simple and easy to read format below.

Please use our product brochures, information sheets and posting lists in the download area.

Item contents

Effective January 1, 2020, the conditions for the content of DIALOGPOST items will change:

Only advertising may then be sent with DIALOGPOST. Items whose main purpose is to provide general or personal information can only be sent as letter mail. Examples of item contents can be viewed directly here or downloaded as an information sheet.

Probleme & Lösungen Icon

You can continue to send all items that have a purely advertising main purpose, e.g., messages that serve to increase customer or member loyalty and acquisition as DIALOGPOST items. This way to DIALOGPOST.

You can send all non-advertising items, e.g., messages focusing on general information and personal messages, as letter mail. Find out about the dispatch options for your non-advertising letter items:

Letters and postcards within Germany

An overview of formats and prices

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E-POST for business customers

Take advantage of the attractive offers and favorable conditions of hybrid dispatch.

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Quantity dispatch of letter post within Germany

Benefit from additional discounts when posting at least 5,000 supra-regional or at least 250 regional letters or postcards.

Learn more

International dispatch of your letters and postcards

All the information you require regarding international mail dispatch

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You will find the most important questions and answers regarding the new conditions for DIALOGPOST item content here.


Price adjustments

  • The list price for Standard DIALOGPOST items ≤ 20g will be increased to €0,30.1)
Formats Price per item1) Weight2) Dimensions


Up tp 20 g
21 - 50 g
L: 150 - 235 mm
W: 90 - 125 mm
H: Up to 5 mm

Rectangular only
  • A production surcharge of €0.05/item will be charged for Standard und Groß (large) items that cannot be processed by our automatic sorting systems.1)
  • The price for pallet storage will be increased to €6.99/30 days.1)
  • Surcharges for low volumes (EASY) will be increased to €0.15/item.1)

1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.
2) Weight fractions are rounded up to whole grams.
3) The length must be at least 1.4 times the width. DIALOGPOST items measuring 148mm in length are also allowed.

New format

  • For customers looking for an affordable way to get started with DIALOGPOST, we will be offering DIALOGPOST cards for €0.28/item starting January 1, 2020.1)
  • Items can be sent in card form using the basic Standard format.
  • The DIALOGPOST card is a one-piece item (no double postcards). All of the information on the item is visible on the front and back.
  • The maximum and minimum weights for DIALOGPOST cards are determined by the different item sizes in combination with the paper weight.
  • Detailed information will soon be available in the product brochure found on our Downloads page.
1) All prices are subject to statutory value added tax.

Minimum volumes

  • Minimum volumes will be raised to 5,000 items.

Minimum volumes

Menge Region
5.000 DIALOGPOST items Throughout Germany
250 DIALOGPOST items For the same routing region (first two digits of the postal code are identical)
500 DIALOGPOST EASY items Throughout Germany (with low-volume surcharge), promotional content only