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CONSENTRIC enables targeted marketing based on anonymized customer data

Deutsche Post’s CONSENTRIC address matching technology can be used to collect statistical indicators of cross-channel media use. With this measuring method, individual users are never identified by name. The identity of the Internet user is protected at all times.


We link your website visitors to their microcell in just five steps in accordance with data protection rules

Consentric Prozessgrafik


The innovative address matching technology

  1. The Internet user logs on with his or her address to the website of an address matching partner.
  2. The address matching partner sends the registered user’s address to the Deutsche Post third party.
  3. The address is matched against Deutsche Post Direkt’s microcell database and pinpointed in what we call a microcell (6.6 households on average).
  4. The microcell number is encrypted and passed to the CONSENTRIC hub.*
  5. The CONSENTRIC cookie is saved on the user’s device.

* The CONSENTRIC hub allows the cookie to be handled by different trackers and online system partners.

Address matching partner

Become an address matching partner now!

As an address matching partner, you can help us assign address data to Deutsche Post’s microcells (6.6 households on average) and place this code in a cookie in encrypted form.

Your benefits as a partner:

  • Maximizing cookie coverage particularly within your customer base increases the effectiveness of the services based on it
  • Attractive monetization of your address data without the need to pass it to third parties
  • Preferred partnership in the further development of CONSENTRIC services – before they are officially launched
  • No risk: just one month’s notice to end the partnership – no requirement to book CONSENTRIC services

Minimum requirements:

  • Your website has at least 50,000 unique log-ins a month
  • You record the address data of your users (e.g. when they provide their delivery address)


Become a partner now and benefit!